Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for ZOMG!

ZOMG, I'm finally done with the Blogging Challenge! And I even managed to crank it all out in the month of April.

I don't have too much to say about the letter Z, except that Z is for Ziva, the totally kick-ass ex-Mossad turned NCIS agent.

Seriously hot couple, these two...(source)

Today was pretty damn good, considering it's Monday. One of my coworkers brought me a Starbucks...and gave me an opportunity to screw around with my phone apps...

I like that they dot the I's with hearts...

I also found the little Goofy doll I bought at Disney World to remind me to train for the Goofy Challenge.

I had a really hard time forcing myself to the gym this evening. I just felt tired, but I skipped my last run and I know if I wait too long, weeks will go by with no training. It's too bad that all of the web surfing I do reading blogs about cool races can't count as working out.

I'm glad  I made the effort, though, because I'm already getting faster. I ran for 45 minutes and managed to go an additional .36 miles in the same amount of time. Baby steps, right?

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