Saturday, April 14, 2012

K is for Kemah Farms

K is for Kemah Farms

Kemah Farms is my wonderful home-away-from-home. It also happens to be Bam Bam Rubble's home. Seriously, this horse could not be more spoiled. The stalls are huge, he gets all sorts of great care and he gets to go out and play with his BFF Roger for half of the day.

I moved Bam Bam into Kemah Farms 7 years ago. I once told my good friend and barn owner, Kristy, that we had to get along for the rest of our lives so Bam could live there until he dies. You know, for the kids and all. (She was mildly miffed by that statement and said, "shouldn't we just make sure we stay friends?" Yes, that's probably a good idea.)

It used to be a dirty white and I was lucky enough to
get to help paint the barn..

Lucky horses...

I was one of Kristy's original boarders. She has a chunk of people that have been with her for years. That's sort of how Kemah Farms works: you stay forever or you don't make it a whole year. (Kemah Darwinism)

Kemah Farms is named after Kristy's very first horse, Kemah. We celebrated Kemah's 30th birthday last year.

Kemah's 30th birthday party with Kristy

We're pretty serious about our riding, but we always make time to have fun.

This is not safe... Katie and Mack
Kemah Gang March 2010

Kristy and I seeing Avatar 3D in our
matching Kemah sweatshirts
Rigo used to absolutely adore Bam Bam. One day, we let him ride him.
Rigo moved to Mexico to be with his family.
How cute is this picture?

Picture time!
Can you tell how much I love my barn!

Now I'm off to get ready for the Firefly Run tonight. Race recap later!

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