Sunday, January 27, 2013

Goals and Resolutions

So today was somewhat more productive than yesterday. It still rained most of last night and throughout today, so we're still not able to ride. I did meet a couple of girls from the barn for breakfast anyway and then we headed to the barn to play Glamour Shots out in the mud. It also gave me an opportunity to do nerdy things with my phone photo apps. I know, I'm a nerd.

Me & Lou, Cindy & Roger, Katie & Mack

The horses go out for half a day every day and even though it was muddy and wet, if they stay in the barn they get rowdy and obnoxious, so out they go!

I managed to snap a picture of Lou screwing around and this picture makes me laugh each time I look at it.

Lou looks ready to charge like a bull.

After the barn, I went to Whole Foods to pick up some healthy food. I don't know if Whole Foods is a nationwide chain, so if you've never been to one, just know that it's also called Whole Paycheck because that place ain't cheap. But it does cater to people with food allergies and to people that like to shop for organic things.

I've been eating gluten free for a long time now, but I start feeling crappy after I've been eating too many grains in general and with the holidays and my recent trip to WDW, I've been eating like crap and therefore, I'm feeling a little like crap.

I'm going to try and follow a more paleo type of diet for awhile. I'm not going to get crazy or anything, but honestly, I feel a lot better when I'm not eating grains or dairy. So off to Whole Foods I went.

It took me a minute to realize that these are not for people.
I also decided to try and substitute vanilla almond milk for the hazelnut flavored cream I normally use.

And this leads to my first paleo fail. Almond Milk, even vanilla flavored, just doesn't cut it as a good coffee creamer. So I'll probably stick with my preservative laden powdered hazelnut creamer I get at work.

Anyway, I did get some fruit, nuts, meat, egg, etc. We'll see how well I do. I'm not good at sticking with things...except the gluten part. I'm pretty good at that because debilitating stomach cramps just aren't my thing.

I also went for my first post Goofy run tonight. The rain finally let up enough for me to run a couple of miles and catch a gorgeous sunset.

And now for the goals. Last year while training for the NYC Marathon I lost about 20 pounds. With the holidays, my laziness, and Disney World (you'd really think running Goofy Challenge would counteract that, right?) I've managed to gain back about 8 of those asshole pounds. Man, they do not deal well with breakups!

I decided to set a goal of losing 15 to 20 pounds by Dumbo Double Dare. I realized that my running pace slows down 30 to 45 seconds per mile for each 10 pounds I gain and vice versa. I'd like to try and PR again this year at Disneyland, so I need to get serious.

I even decided take a picture today so I can compare come August. It's not my most flattering picture, but on the bright side, I weighed 10 pounds more at this time last year, so...

Let's see how this goes, shall we? With this much time, I can probably lose and gain the same 15 pounds several's how I roll.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whole Lotta Nothing

Today was an awesome day of doing NOTHING. I can count on one hand the number of times in 2012 I got to spend a day just lounging around. I didn't even bother to get dressed or put in my contacts.

Like my new hoodie?
For a good chunk of 2012, I spent Saturday mornings meeting my running group on the other side of the world to train for the NYC Marathon and I spent every Sunday at the barn. Since training hasn't kicked back in for NYCM 2013, I'm back to riding my horse on Saturday mornings.

This morning, my trainer and barn owner, posted this picture on Facebook.

This is the road to the barn.

We don't have a lot of natural disasters in Arizona, but we do have flash flooding. Also, dirt in the desert gets very slick and soupy when it's wet, so driving through this in my car would not have been a great idea. Besides, the arena is flooded as well, so no riding this weekend.

So that means I had a grueling Saturday of watching TV, stalking blogs, playing Song Pop, and Facebooking. I did spend a decent amount of time rolling the muscles in my legs.

Fun little factoid about me: I wear flip flops for 9 months of the year (it's like a billion degrees here most of the time) but in winter I'm a huge fan of crazy knee socks. It's even better when they don't match my PJs.

Super sexy, right?

The only slightly productive thing I've done today is wash a few of my saddle pads.

Yep, this is my pirate saddle pad.
I had decided to give my legs a two week break since Goofy Challenge. It's been raining for 24 hours straight, so hopefully it will let up long enough to go for a run tomorrow.

I've also been eating way too much crap. Maybe I will also get some healthy food to eat for the week. Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend so far!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Liebster Award

So I got nominated by Victoria at You Make Me Feel Like Dancing for the Liebster Award, which is super cool because I figure it's only a matter of time before I get nominated for a Grammy Award and I need all the practice accepting awards that I can get. Thank you, Victoria!

I'm copying this from Victoria's blog entry:

"So what is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award nomination goes to those bloggers who have a following of less than 200 to promote other bloggers to comment and share - even get to know each other! I think this is great, because it gives you the potential to gather a larger following! If you get nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you (No tagbacks!).

The point of the Liebster Award is to answer questions, tell 11 secrets about yourself, and nominate 11 other bloggers who fit the criteria. Here it goes!"

I think this is really cool because I have met some amazing people through blogging and I'm even running Ragnar del Sol Relay with a group of 12 amazing Arizona blogger ladies. I've also met up with a few of my favorite blogger girls at WDW Marathon weekend this year and I'm crazy excited to be reunited with them for Dumbo Double Dare over Labor Day Weekend. You can never have too many friends, right?

So here goes. My narcissist self loves stuff like this!

1. What was your favorite TV show growing up?

Okay, I don't want to seem like the biggest nerd ever, but my favorite show of all time was X-files. I was so in love with Mulder and Scully it was ridiculous. Now granted, that show came out in 1992, so I wasn't really a kid, but I was still in high school, so I figure that it counts.

2. What is it that you "get" out of blogging?

 I started my blog to keep myself motivated when it came to running. When I trained for my first half marathon at Disneyland in 2010, I searched the web nonstop for blog entries and pictures. That opened up a whole world and community of runners (particularly those that love running at Disney. I know, I'm a RunDisNerd) and it motivated me to keep going out and training. I have also met some incredible people through blogging and that gets me even more excited to go to races, especially when there's a chance I might run into someone that writes a blog that I read!

3. What is your favorite book? Why?

When I was in college, I took a pre-law philosophy class and we read a book called, The Once And Future King by T.H. White. I absolutely loved that book. (Hmmm, it's been a few years...I should really read it again.) The reason I loved this book so much is that even though it tells the story of King Arthur from childhood through adulthood, the author sort of rewrites and reinterprets the traditional story. It's really good. Two thumbs up from me!

4. What made you decide to repost this and nominate others?

Like Victoria said in her post, there are so many blogs out there that don't get noticed. I love reading blogs and I get excited when I find a new one I like, so it's cool that we can all help each other find other bloggers! I'm often a lurker and I should comment more, so broadening my blogging circle is always a good thing! You never know what kind of awesome people you are going to meet if you don't reach out.

Abby, Fruitfly and me - GOOFY CHALLENGE!
(photo courtesy of Fruitfly)

5. What is your favorite memory?

Hmmm. This one is so hard because I've been lucky enough to have some really great memories that it's hard to pick just one. I have many exciting and proud moments from showing horses as a kid, but more recently, I think crossing the finish line of my first half marathon is one of my all time favorite memories. Of course, I just did Goofy Challenge a couple of weeks ago and I'm really proud of that, but finishing my first half was so huge for me. I was never into sports or anything in high school and when I started training, I could barely jog a block without walking. I really wasn't sure I could do it and crossing that finish line was such a magical and life altering experience that it's seared into my memory like it happened yesterday.

Another one happened by accident. A childhood friend and I went to Europe for two weeks and by pure luck found ourselves in Paris on Bastille Day. It wasn't planned, but watching an incredible fireworks display from the base of the Eiffel Tower while the entire city of Paris was out partying in the streets is an experience I will never forget. I get chills just thinking about it.

6. What do you do when nobody's watching?

I sing. Because I'm such a nerd, I don't tend to just belt out current popular favorites, I sing classical pieces and show tunes. I'm not great at it, either, so it's best done in private or in my car.

7. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money, and why?

The correct answer, of course, is doing something good for mankind or animalkind, right? Good thing that's covered in the next question, so I can be totally selfish in this one!

Aside from being a do gooder, I would throw a lot of money towards horse showing. I would probably search out a few really fancy horses (keeping Lou, of course, because I could afford it!) and go to horse shows like crazy. I would travel all over Europe and Africa and do all of the Run Disney events every year!

8. If you could donate to any charity (any specific charity, or a general cause), what would it be?

If I won the lottery as promised in question 7 (What? We weren't promised that? Hrmph.) I think a lot of my time and money would go to some type of animal well fare group. I've even dreamed up my own animal rescue when I've thought of winning the lottery (and I dream about being rich a lot!)

I would also donate to Team Chances, a charity founded by my amazing running coach, Susan Loken, that put up with me as one of the slowest runners on our team while we trained for the NYC Marathon last year.

9. If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

The obvious thing would be horse trainer, right? But strangely, despite my entire life being devoted to horses, I've never wanted to train professionally. When I was younger, I really wanted to join the FBI. I'll blame that on the X-files. I also had dreams of being a stage manager on Broadway when I first was in college. That would be really cool, too.

Me and Tara circa 1998 - College Choir Trip

10. What do you love most about yourself? List five reasons why.

I think that I'm pretty good at being accepting of others. I sort of abide by the rule "live and let live." If I like you, you would have to do something pretty terrible for me to stop. I believe that everyone has their own belief system and it's not my job to try and change it. I try hard not to judge people because you never know some one's story or how they got to be who they are. Above all, we're all human and we should try hard to show love and kindness whenever possible.

11. Chocolate or vanilla?

I love both!!! But typically, if I have to choose, it will probably be chocolate.

11 fun facts about me:

1. I can sing the entire choral movement from Beethoven's 9th Symphony in German from memory.

2. When I was 20, I seriously considered joining the Navy.

3. I was on time to work every single day in 2012 and that was a HUGE accomplishment for me.

4. I have wanted to go to Egypt since I was 8 years old.

5. I have always wanted to learn how to fence.

6. I really want a second tattoo, but I'm so indecisive that I can't decide what to get.

7. I love pretty much anything on the History Channel or Discovery Channel.

8. My favorite movies are The Princess Bride, Clueless and Spaceballs.

9. I'm not a fan of reality shows.

10. I love trivia and random facts.

11. I've had horses step on me, fall on me, flip over over me, and launch me and I still get on and ride. Sometimes I think that makes me badass. ;)

And now for 11 questions to those I've nominated:

1. If you could get on a plane and go anywhere, where would it be and why?

2. What is one major thing you would like to accomplish in your life time?

3. What was your favorite class in high school or college and why?

4. What is one thing that always makes you smile?

5. If you were going to try a new hobby, what would you try?

6. What is your favorite kind of music?

7. What is your favorite race and why? (I think everyone I'm nominating is a runner...)

8. If you could live anywhere for a year where would it be?

9. What made you start blogging? ( I stole that from Victoria, but it's a good question!)

10. If you could meet a famous person, past or present, who would it be?

11. What is something you have done that you are really proud of?

And at the risk of looking like a total stalker, here are some bloggers I read on a regular basis. Please don't think it's weird if we've never talked before...just know that I read your blog and that's why I've nominated you! :D

My 11 nominees are:

1. Tara at I, Phoenix, Running.

2. Abby at Abby's Road To Amazingness

3. Fruitfly at Little Fruitfly In Rainbow Colored Socks (she's close to 200, but not quite there!)

4. Melanie at The Melanie Report

5. Pam and Christine at We Run Disney (I don't actually know how many followers they have, but I like their blog!)

6. Heather at Go Girl Go

7. Can't You Run Faster Mom?

8. Ari at Ari's Menu (I can't see how many readers she has, but I love her, so I'm including her in this post!)

9. Jennifer at Red Hair and Running Shoes

10. Tink at The Running Paintbrush

11. V at Running to Disney

Of course, no one is obligated to participate, but I'm excited that Victoria thought to include me, so I'm sharing that with you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Latest Run Disney Obsession

Since Goofy Challenge has pretty much dominated my life (and blog) for the last month and a half or so, why should it stop now?

I was lame and didn't get very many pictures on marathon day, I'm super thankful that Abby and Fruitfly did!

I <3 this picture so much! Stolen from Fruitfly.

I look like I'm attacking Tara! Stolen from Abby.

I spent the better part of my day emailing with Abby and Fruitfly about the new Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare. I haven't been so excited for a race weekend in a long time. Why, you ask?
  1. After months of worrying about finishing the NYC Marathon that ended up being canceled and then worrying about how I was going to accomplish Goofy, a 10K and a half in one weekend seems super easy.
  2. Reunion with Abby, Fruitfly, and Tara!
  3. Costumes
  4. Disneyland Half is my favorite race and also my anniversary race. 2013 will be my 4th anniversary of racing.
  5. DL Half 2012 is my current PR. Maybe I'll set a new one.
  6. It's going to be an awesome weekend!
Of course, there's the little issue of me being double registered for this race and after 4 emails and 5 phones calls I can't get anyone from Run Disney to help me or even follow through. Not sure how I'm going to get that resolved, but I guess I'll give rD some time to settle down after what had to have been a rough day for them with Dumbo selling out in an hour. There a lot of unhappy runners out there right now. And they're posting all over facebook.

In other completely unrelated news, you know how sometimes when you're just about to drift off to sleep, you think you're falling or tripping and you do a full body jerk and wake up? Well, the other night that happened to me but I thought my horse was biting my arm. I literally jerked my arm so violently that I tweaked my elbow.

He doesn't look like a land shark, does he?
Seriously, that cute, adorable, sweet little face will bite your arm off you're not careful. He's not even an aggressive or mean horse. He's sweet and friendly. He gets excited to see me. But he bites. And now I'm having night terrors about my piranha of a horse. Good grief.

Who else is already getting super excited about Dumbo?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Medal Monday - Goofy Challenge 2013

Yup, still recapping my crazy, Goofy adventure. And everything is out of order, of course. Here are my recaps for the WDW Marathon Weekend Expo, WDW Half Marathon and WDW Marathon.

One of the things I love about Disney races is wearing your medals around the parks after the races are over. Where else would I get to do that? This time was particularly fun because there were so many people sharing war stories about a tough race. It was good to strike up conversations with complete strangers and find out that they had just as many issues with the heat as I did.

Tara and I proudly donned our Goofy medals to parade around the parks on Monday. We got on the bus and a guy wearing a marathon medal was sitting across from us. Next to him was a family. The girl asked her mom why my medal was different from the guy wearing the marathon medal.

"Mommy, why is her medal different from his?" asked the little girl.
"She only did the half marathon," was her mom's reply.

Is it bad that it took everything in me not to butt in and correct her? After all, how many Goofy medals are possibly in my future? Don't ask Fruitfly. I've already agreed to do 2015 with her.

First, we went to Epcot. Tara wanted to this Seed Tour thingy and my blisters were so bad that I didn't want to join her. So she did that while I got myself some champagne in France and took a few character pictures.

I could have used a magic carpet ride during the marathon.

These go nicely together.

I stumbled across these guys by accident,
but I'm not one to waste a photo op!
After my character sightings, I met back up with Tara and we headed over to Mexico for some lunch.

Tacos? Yes, please!
We also cruised through Norway. I think we look good in antlers.

Not really sure what kind face a moose makes. Hmm.

After that, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Not sure how I got such a perfect picture, but I'll take it!

I want to live here.
We rode a bunch of rides, including Buzz Light Year. I gotta say, Astro Blasters at Disneyland is so much better than Buzz Light Year.

Tara kicked my ass...

I forget that they still have the electric light parade at WDW.

Originally, we were going to try and meet up with Abby and Fruitfly for some post race celebration, but that didn't work out since everyone was leaving in the morning and we were all tired. (Be ready for Dumbo, ladies! Smaller parks, easier to track you down!). Luckily for me, Tara smuggled in the mini flavored bottles of vodka I gave her for her birthday.

Serious stuff going on here.
We wandered around the new fantasy land and ran into Goofy, so of course, we needed pictures with him after that ridiculousness called Goofy Freaking Challenge.

Can't trust that guy. He's trying to steal my medal.

I <3 this picture.

Can't wait for our next run Disney adventure. Dumbo Double Dare, here we come!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

WDW Marathon Weekend - Expo

So much recapping to be doing!! And yes, I'm doing them out of order. I promised my friend, Ari, I would have my race recaps done ASAP because she wanted them for a post she was doing on her blog. (By the way, she's running her first full marathon tomorrow, so stop by her blog and wish her luck!)

If you missed them:

WDW Half Marathon Recap
WDW Marathon Recap

Of course, before we could do any running, we had to go to the ESPN Sports Complex for the expo.

Oh yes, Goofy medal, you will be mine...
The place was packed, as usual. Run Disney branded event gear sells out really fast, so we went to the expo first thing Thursday night after checking into our hotel and again Friday morning. I always want to buy all of their stuff and then I get to the expo and I never really fall in love with anything.

I still bought a Champion Goofy jacket (never mind that I have 2 others just like it from the Disneyland Half Marathons in 2011 and 2012). They are really plain, though. I think I might get some lettering added to the back that says 39.3 miles or something. I also bought a retro looking Mickey Marathon hoodie. I just didn't like the Goofy sweatshirt.

Anyway, we picked up our numbers after purchasing our swag.

Then we headed over to the expo. It was a mad house. I can only spend so much time at an expo. The crowds eventually get to me and I can't take anymore.

I stopped by the Run Disney booth to register for the Dumbo Double Dare. They were having all sorts of issues with their computers and so I signed up on a good old fashioned paper form. I really hate doing that. When I signed up for Goofy and the San Diego RnR expo, my name and email were both spelled incorrectly and it was a hassle to change it. Plus, as of right this moment, my card has not been charged, so that makes me a little nervous (although, I sort of remember it taking a few weeks for Goofy, too).

When we were done with shopping (I spent waaaaaay too much money), we stopped by the HP booth on our way out to get a picture.

After the expo on Thursday night, we headed to Downtown Disney and ate dinner at Raglan Road Irish Pub. I loved, loved, loved this restaurant/pub. The music and Irish dancing was fun and entertaining, but the food was ah-maaaay-zing. I had Shepard's Pie. Try it, you'll thank me.

We also had a few glasses of wine since there was no way I was drinking after that until Goofy was over. And, as it turns, I hardly drank after it was over since my body just didn't seem to want alcohol. Weird, right? I mean, c'mon!

More recapping to come, but now I'm off to go make posters for Ari to cheer her on tomorrow at the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona. Good luck, Ari!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goofy Challenge 2013 - Marathon

I barely even know how to put this experience into words. It's no joke that the marathon is mental game. Beware: this is very wordy and not very picture-y. If you missed my half marathon recap, you can clickety here.

The morning of the marathon started out pretty much the same as the half marathon. Although, the buses were not arriving at the hotel as quickly as the day before and that was slightly nerve wracking for me.

We're scared. Very scared.
Who came up with this idea?!
We were supposed to meet up with Abby at the start and run together. Running a race with someone you've never met is always a gamble, especially 26.2 miles, but I had a feeling Abby was awesome and I'm so, so glad she tagged along with us. (More on that later.)

The three of us walked to the start  together and got into our corral. The marathon start was the same as the previous morning with fireworks and such.

I'll be honest, I didn't take very many pictures during the marathon. It was beyond hot. Luckily, Abby and Tara took a bunch, so hopefully they have some good shots.

I can not explain how hot and humid it was. I'm from Arizona, so heat shouldn't be a big deal, but winter can be chilly and my body could just not cool down. Even at the start at 5:00AM in the dark, I was dripping from the humidity.

It started to really get hot as we hit the Speedway. I wish I had a few more pictures, because there were some cool cars, etc, but I just wanted to keep moving.

Looks hot, doesn't it?

Abby and me

At that point, I still felt okay, my legs had held up and the three of us stuck together, sometimes leap frogging a little, but mostly together. We also ran into Fruitfly! She's fast enough to stop at pretty much all of the picture stops and still finish ahead of the sweepers. Rock star!

It wasn't until mile 10 that I started to feel the effects of having run a half marathon the day before. My legs started to feel some strain. I did take my traditional mile 10 picture, but somehow, I forgot all about taking anything after 13, which is a shame considering I've never seen a mile marker after 13.

Yep, it's the same as for the half...just in a different location.

We ran through ESPN Sports Complex and wove our way through various baseball fields and tracks. The heat was really getting to me at that point. I think we were at about mile 18 when one of the water stops had soaked sponges. I doused myself with water, but kept that sponge with me all the way until mile 25 when I accidentally threw it away with my water cup. I just kept rewetting it at every water stop.

Several times on the course I wanted to tear up, but it wasn't until after we passed mile 20 that I really started to feel like crying. It was so hot and draining that all I could think was to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I wasn't overly impressed with the mile 20 "spectacular" but I was certainly happy to have something to distract me from the ache in my legs. And then my Garmin wussed out and died. Asshole Garmin, how could you abandon me at mile 20?!?!

I guess technically, this counts as a mile marker past 10, right? Voila! Mile 20

At mile 21, I lost Tara. Abby was a little ways behind me so I stopped and waited for her, thinking I would catch up to Tara at some point, but I never did. For 21 miles, the three of us had cajoled and coaxed each other along. I was sad to lose Tara because it was such a milestone for both of us and for the first time, it was actually important to me to cross the finish line together. But at that point, Tara really needed to just keep moving and I needed to keep talking so I wouldn't focus on how miserable I was.

Thank God for Abby. She kept me sane, kept me moving those last 5 miles, and was an all around rock star. By mile 22, I knew I would finish, but I started to play mind games with myself about being swept or not making it within the time limit to get my Goofy medal. Abby reassured me that if I was denied my Goofy medal, she would throw down and demand they give it to me.

We ran through Hollywood Studios (anyone else have a hard time not calling it MGM?). The parks were open at this point, so it was crazy to see so many people. Occasionally, Disney employees would reroute the course slightly to let park goers cross the marathon course to get to other areas of the park. I guess I'm glad we ran through here, because we never made it to Hollywood Studios to visit later on.

Hollywood Studios

I accidentally snapped this pic. I like it.

After we left Hollywood Studios, we ran down a stretch of road and into Epcot. By Epcot, I got a second wind. Running through a gate into World Showcase was awesome. The parks were open and sound track music was blaring and I felt like I could run it out to the finish. Suddenly, though, it was more important to me to cross the finish with Abby. I was going to stick to her like glue, whether she wanted me to or not. (Luckily, she didn't seem to mind having me tag along - or she's great at hiding it. Hee hee)

It's amazing how much you can learn about a person spending hours together on a marathon course, especially in a trying situation like running your first full marathon in horrible conditions.

Just before mile 26, I found my amazing friend, Debra, that drove down from Jacksonville to see me finish my first marathon. I'm so grateful she went out of her way to be there. It was special. Thanks, Deb. :)

And then there it was: the finish line. I was going to be a marathoner and a Goofy Challenge finisher in one day. I hadn't given into the tears for 6 miles - and honestly I'm tearing up writing this - but I could see it. Something most people will never experience in their lifetime.

We crossed the finish line and I started sobbing. I got my marathon medal. I could hear vague discussion going on around me. A volunteer said something to Abby and I could hear her say that we were heading to the Goofy Challenge tent to get my medal. The volunteer told Abby to stay with me. I don't know if she was concerned about me or Abby. I was too focused on getting my Goofy medal.

Tara told me later that the volunteers were not giving people their medals until they had an open bottle of water in their hands with the cap off and were drinking. It was that serious, folks. Medics were everywhere and I saw multiple people being wheeled to first aid in wheel chairs.

I found Tara right by the Goofy tent and she was as choked up as me. And we ran into Fruitfly again. We took a few pictures, which I will have to steal from Abby or Fruitfly, since pulling out my phone seemed like a colossal amount of effort at that point.

Later, I heard many conversations about just how difficult this year's race was. One guy we talked to on the monorail on Monday told me that he usually runs a 5:30 marathon and it took him 7 hours. He also said that his coach normally runs a 3:30 and he ran a 4:30. Debra heard a similar story on her bus ride over, too. Another guy that has run all 20 of the WDW marathons said it took him over 7 hours because of the heat. So I guess I shouldn't feel too badly that I was in the same boat. Based on my half marathon times (when I'm actually trained and trying) I should easily be able to run a sub 6. I guess the upside is that it won't be too hard to PR the next time, right?

As soon as we were done, we all very clearly said, "never again." But then my rose colored glasses started to slip into place and I actually started considering it. Fortunately, I'm not the only one, since Fruitfly pretty much announced on my page that she's doing Goofy 2015. And yep, I think I'm going to try for that, too. Maybe I'll be fast enough by then to keep up with her!

Thanks, Tara, Abby, and Fruitfly for sharing in this magical, amazing, horrible, scary and life changing event. I couldn't have gotten through it without you guys. Xoxoxo