Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five: Things I Love About Race Day

I'm taking the plunge and doing my first blog link up. I'm apologizing in advance if I commit a link up faux pas! Someone please let me know if I do, so I can cry myself to sleep rectify my mistake!

Two of the blogs I religiously follow, We Run Disney and Fairytales and Fitness, participate in the Friday Five linkup the girls from DC- Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney.

Today's link up is Five Things I Love About Race Day. And I've got lots o' pictures!

1.) Travel

I know not every race requires travel, but I do love a good racecation. I don't tend to travel for anything less than a half marathon, so the excitement of the race in addition to being on vacation is really fun.

Plus, I can then justify vacation food and wine.

2.) Meeting up with friends.

Asics Tweet up during the New York City Marathon

Since becoming a blogger, I have met some really cool people. Some I have actually met in person and some I hope to meet in the future. There is a commraderie that exists among runners, especially those that use social media.

Princess Half 2014


3.) The Scenery

Extraterrestrial Midnight Run at Area 51 in 2012

It's always fun to run in a new location. The miles tick by faster when you have new things to look at.


NYC Marathon 2014. Crazy Hair don't care.


Plus, it's not too often you get to see a bunch of fairy tale princes just hanging around.


Why, hello there.


4.) Costumes and Outfits

I always have intentions of putting together a costume for Disney races, but it usually ends up pretty half assed. I love seeing everyone else's costumes, however.

Matchy, matchy for the Enchanted 10K 2014


Dumbo Double Dare 2013

5.) Medals

I certainly don't mind getting a prize after a long run! I'm not as medal crazy as I used to be, but let's be real. I still enjoy getting one and I'm certainly not turning it down!

R'n'R Arizona 2014
Star Wars Half 2015
NYC Marathon 2014. One of the hardest days on my life.

So, that's my Friday Five! What are your favorite race day things?