Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Nice circles under my eyes...

Should this be my new Blogger pic? I look sexy as hell!

This is how I was feeling today, although I will admit, it was more to entertain my coworker than a reflection of my emotional state.

Last night, I gorged myself on sushi, despite knowing better. I paid the price and my stomach didn't feel great for most of the morning. For those that don't know, I have a sensitivity to gluten and grains.

Chinese food was brought in for lunch today at work, but I was strong and got myself some gluten free lunch elsewhere.

Then something happened later in the day. Any and all self control flew out the window and I snarfed a bunch of left over rice.

I know, I know! Stop yelling at me!
So, despite the fact that I even changed into my running clothes at work and was ready to head over to the gym, I ended up going home because I felt sick to my stomach. Now I'm mad at myself because I have plans tomorrow night and won't be able to run then, either.

I think I'm more sensitive than ever. It used to take days for bad eating to catch up with me, but now it seems like if I have too much grain-based things I will not feel right pretty much within hours.

Hee hee, it's sad how true this can be.
It's like I have to convince myself over and over that I really do have an intolerance to these things. Isn't that the definition of crazy? Doing the same things hoping for a different outcome? Well, I wouldn't be the first time someone called me crazy!

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