Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Game 5

Game 5...hhhmmm. That would be a good book title. Or band name. We'll talk about books in a minute.


I got to go to game 5 of the NHL playoffs tonight! I would never have spent the ridiculous amount of money to go to that game since I'm a broke pony mommy, but my brother-in-law has been really sick, so I went with my sister as her date.

So. Much. Fun.

Everyone wore white for the "white out" except me, who doesn't own anything white because it's the most unflattering color. Luckily, my sister has been a mom in training since she was 10, so she remembered to bring an extra sweater for me because it was freezing in there! And it was white!

That's a whole lotta people wearing white.

Kristy texted me during the game and wrote, "do you even like hockey?"

What's not to love about hockey?! Everyone just hits the puck as hard as possible toward the opposing goal and then beats the shit out of each other. It's awesome! And the crowd was incredible.

The game was tied 3 to 3 after the third period, with no goals in the last. After nearly an entire 20 minutes of overtime, I was convinced we'd get a second round, but the Kings scored with 2 minutes left. It was a disappointing loss for them, but I had fun! I'm definitely not what you would call a sports fan, but I've always enjoyed hockey.

So, yeah, I just got home at 11, so no running for me tonight. Boo. At least my legs will be well rested for tomorrow.

RunDisney posted a picture of the Disneyland Half Marathon pin. Now I'm not a crazy pin collector, but I always order the Disney race pins. Damn you, Disney, and your money sucking ways! It's cute! I hope they use this graphic on the shirts. They have yet to announce the course and I'm guessing it will be a little different than last year because of the opening of Carsland at California Adventure. I really like the Tinkerbell Half course. There was more time spent on Disney property which is always a bonus.

Speaking of the Tinkerbell Half, I'm really hoping I can find a way to do it again in 2013 since it's only a week after the WDW Marathon weekend. Siiiiggh. I wish I didn't love their races so much. They certainly aren't cheap!

                                                 Oh, dear Lord...                                  (source)

I can't believe all of this hype over Fifty Shades of Grey. I haven't read it, but unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about it. It's a book that originated as fan fiction for the Twilight series and then was tweaked and published as an "original" work of fiction.

Now, I haven't read it myself, but I've read excerpts of it and the writing is horrible. I can not believe how much money this book is making.

*confession time!*

Once a decade or so, I become obsessed with a TV show's main "couple". Usually, this couple isn't an actual couple, but rather two characters that, for whatever reason, can not act on their love for one another.

                                      My first obsession..                                 .(source)
Usually my obsession leads to reading fan fiction. I know, I know. It sounds weird, but honestly, there's some really good writing to be found out there. I promise!

                My most recent obsession...        (source)
I've actually read a fair amount of fan fiction in my life time (don't hold that against me) when I've been obsessed with TV shows and even, dare I admit it, written a little bit myself (don't laugh, and no, my stuff is not very good...), but I'm shocked that this has taken off on the best seller list. Especially considering that there are actually a few authors I've read capable of writing much better than this stuff. Much, much better. How on earth did this crap end up being so successful? I do not get it.

The only thing more torturous than the sex in Fifty Shades of Grey is the writing in Fifty Shades of Grey.

I haven't read any fan fiction in months simply because I only want to read it when I love a couple on a TV show and nothing is really grabbing my attention these days, so maybe I'm just out of the loop and more fiction will go mainstream.

After awhile, my interest fades, so it will probably be another decade before I fall in love with another couple, but really, people. There's way better stuff to be read out there than Fifty Shades of Grey.

I suppose that's enough rambling for one night. See you tomorrow!


  1. I haven't read it either but I've heard horrible, horrible things. I do agree that there are a TON of great fan fic writers out there who should not limit themselves to just fan fics. (and I should admit in tiny, italic letters that I really like Twilight fanfics because most of the writers DO exceed the writing capabilities of Ms. Meyer) :)

  2. "they hit the puck as hard as they can and beat the shit out of each other" :) my thoughts exactly, what's not to like! I went to a kings game long ago and not sure why I haven't been back. It's fun!


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