Saturday, May 4, 2013

Six on Saturday


1. So much for my crazy training. I knew it would have to come to an end sometime because that's pretty much how I roll. Actually, I have a decent excuse this time. I got pretty sick last Friday.

The last time I got sick was in 2010 right as I was buckling down and training for my very first half marathon. I got really, really sick twice within a month's time. I was starting to think that I was invincible. It really sucks to find out you're a mere mortal. *sigh*

I didn't even get to take a sick day! I got sick last Friday and was sick all weekend. So I pretty much haven't run in over a week. I'm feeling pretty good today, so I might actually go out for a slow jog around the neighborhood tonight.

2. My sister had her first baby, so I am now a brand new auntie! Because I was sick, I haven't been able to go see the baby, yet. Hopefully, my sister will deem me healthy enough to visit her this coming week.

Kaitlyn Abigail
I've already been informed that I am not allowed to get her involved with horses (hrmph) so maybe I can get her involved in running. I'm excited to be an aunt. It's much better than having one myself! Disney Kids Races, here we come!! (Too soon?)

3. I'm also becoming obsessed with the show, Hannibal. I'm on the fifth episode. I can't believe that they can air stuff that gruesome on network television. It's as gross as Silence of The Lambs. It's really twisted. Check it out of you're into that kind of thing.

Watch it. I'm hooked.
Gillian Anderson is guest starring next week!! I was the biggest X-Files nerd, like ever, so I can't wait for the former Agent Scully to appear as a guest star!


4. I'm really starting to wish I had signed up for the Inaugural Dopey Challenge. It seems like I'm seeing Dopey hype everywhere. I can't stand it!! I can't afford to go in 2014, so really, it's a moot point. But still. I want to do it! At least I can console myself with the fact that Dumbo Double Dare is going to be so freaking fun. I've got a pretty good idea for one of my race costumes, but I need an idea for the second. Hmmmm...

He's so cute!

5. Registration is now open for the New York City Marathon. Somehow, I keep forgetting that I'm running it this year. Maybe after all of the hype from last year and then the drama of having it cancelled, it sort of floated to the back of my mind. It's six months away. At least this year, I'm starting with a better base. Last year, I sat on my ass for most of the spring, so when training started, it was a real bitch. Right now, I'm regularly running 5 to 8 miles, so I have a bit of a head start.

Hopefully, I will get to actually cross
 the finish line this time...

6. I still need to do my recap from the Pat Tillman Run a couple of weeks ago, but I'm feeling a little lazy. I've been cleaning my house for most of the day, so I need to get back to work. I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Happy Saturday!


  1. I was kind of turned off of Hannibal because I thought it might be over the top. I watched Criminal Minds for many years, but it just got too twisted each week. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the writers room to hear how some of these storylines come about.

    1. I love Criminal Minds!! In fact, I'm watching it right now. I often wonder what kind of people are able to write these kinds of stories...

  2. Sorry you got sick :(
    Congrats on being an aunt! It rocks. I cannot check out another twisted show; I have enough nightmares. Dumbo is going to be more fun than Dopey, I promise. Who wants to spend 4 days in Disney miserable anyway? Don't remind me about NYCM. Get on that recap!

  3. Boo for being sick but congrats on being an auntie!!!! Dumbo is going to be super fun!!


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