Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whole Lotta Nothing

Today was an awesome day of doing NOTHING. I can count on one hand the number of times in 2012 I got to spend a day just lounging around. I didn't even bother to get dressed or put in my contacts.

Like my new hoodie?
For a good chunk of 2012, I spent Saturday mornings meeting my running group on the other side of the world to train for the NYC Marathon and I spent every Sunday at the barn. Since training hasn't kicked back in for NYCM 2013, I'm back to riding my horse on Saturday mornings.

This morning, my trainer and barn owner, posted this picture on Facebook.

This is the road to the barn.

We don't have a lot of natural disasters in Arizona, but we do have flash flooding. Also, dirt in the desert gets very slick and soupy when it's wet, so driving through this in my car would not have been a great idea. Besides, the arena is flooded as well, so no riding this weekend.

So that means I had a grueling Saturday of watching TV, stalking blogs, playing Song Pop, and Facebooking. I did spend a decent amount of time rolling the muscles in my legs.

Fun little factoid about me: I wear flip flops for 9 months of the year (it's like a billion degrees here most of the time) but in winter I'm a huge fan of crazy knee socks. It's even better when they don't match my PJs.

Super sexy, right?

The only slightly productive thing I've done today is wash a few of my saddle pads.

Yep, this is my pirate saddle pad.
I had decided to give my legs a two week break since Goofy Challenge. It's been raining for 24 hours straight, so hopefully it will let up long enough to go for a run tomorrow.

I've also been eating way too much crap. Maybe I will also get some healthy food to eat for the week. Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend so far!


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