Sunday, January 27, 2013

Goals and Resolutions

So today was somewhat more productive than yesterday. It still rained most of last night and throughout today, so we're still not able to ride. I did meet a couple of girls from the barn for breakfast anyway and then we headed to the barn to play Glamour Shots out in the mud. It also gave me an opportunity to do nerdy things with my phone photo apps. I know, I'm a nerd.

Me & Lou, Cindy & Roger, Katie & Mack

The horses go out for half a day every day and even though it was muddy and wet, if they stay in the barn they get rowdy and obnoxious, so out they go!

I managed to snap a picture of Lou screwing around and this picture makes me laugh each time I look at it.

Lou looks ready to charge like a bull.

After the barn, I went to Whole Foods to pick up some healthy food. I don't know if Whole Foods is a nationwide chain, so if you've never been to one, just know that it's also called Whole Paycheck because that place ain't cheap. But it does cater to people with food allergies and to people that like to shop for organic things.

I've been eating gluten free for a long time now, but I start feeling crappy after I've been eating too many grains in general and with the holidays and my recent trip to WDW, I've been eating like crap and therefore, I'm feeling a little like crap.

I'm going to try and follow a more paleo type of diet for awhile. I'm not going to get crazy or anything, but honestly, I feel a lot better when I'm not eating grains or dairy. So off to Whole Foods I went.

It took me a minute to realize that these are not for people.
I also decided to try and substitute vanilla almond milk for the hazelnut flavored cream I normally use.

And this leads to my first paleo fail. Almond Milk, even vanilla flavored, just doesn't cut it as a good coffee creamer. So I'll probably stick with my preservative laden powdered hazelnut creamer I get at work.

Anyway, I did get some fruit, nuts, meat, egg, etc. We'll see how well I do. I'm not good at sticking with things...except the gluten part. I'm pretty good at that because debilitating stomach cramps just aren't my thing.

I also went for my first post Goofy run tonight. The rain finally let up enough for me to run a couple of miles and catch a gorgeous sunset.

And now for the goals. Last year while training for the NYC Marathon I lost about 20 pounds. With the holidays, my laziness, and Disney World (you'd really think running Goofy Challenge would counteract that, right?) I've managed to gain back about 8 of those asshole pounds. Man, they do not deal well with breakups!

I decided to set a goal of losing 15 to 20 pounds by Dumbo Double Dare. I realized that my running pace slows down 30 to 45 seconds per mile for each 10 pounds I gain and vice versa. I'd like to try and PR again this year at Disneyland, so I need to get serious.

I even decided take a picture today so I can compare come August. It's not my most flattering picture, but on the bright side, I weighed 10 pounds more at this time last year, so...

Let's see how this goes, shall we? With this much time, I can probably lose and gain the same 15 pounds several's how I roll.


  1. Great photos! Great journey. Keep up the good work. I'll be over for some almond milk. :)

    1. Thank you! And I'm really sad about the almond milk. I was expecting it to taste like magic and fairy tales and it didn't... So sad. ;)

  2. Yea, sorry about the almond milk. I use it for coffee if I ran out of cream. Do yall have Trader Joe's? That's where I do my shopping. It's healthy and cheap. I know what you mean about the grains. I need to cut the carbs bad, especially now that I'm not running crazy miles. . . and speaking of, go you for running! I'm going to try to get to the gym tomorrow.

    1. So it turns out, almond milk is delicious all by itself! We do have Trader Joe's. I'll have to swing by there more often.


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