Monday, January 21, 2013

Medal Monday - Goofy Challenge 2013

Yup, still recapping my crazy, Goofy adventure. And everything is out of order, of course. Here are my recaps for the WDW Marathon Weekend Expo, WDW Half Marathon and WDW Marathon.

One of the things I love about Disney races is wearing your medals around the parks after the races are over. Where else would I get to do that? This time was particularly fun because there were so many people sharing war stories about a tough race. It was good to strike up conversations with complete strangers and find out that they had just as many issues with the heat as I did.

Tara and I proudly donned our Goofy medals to parade around the parks on Monday. We got on the bus and a guy wearing a marathon medal was sitting across from us. Next to him was a family. The girl asked her mom why my medal was different from the guy wearing the marathon medal.

"Mommy, why is her medal different from his?" asked the little girl.
"She only did the half marathon," was her mom's reply.

Is it bad that it took everything in me not to butt in and correct her? After all, how many Goofy medals are possibly in my future? Don't ask Fruitfly. I've already agreed to do 2015 with her.

First, we went to Epcot. Tara wanted to this Seed Tour thingy and my blisters were so bad that I didn't want to join her. So she did that while I got myself some champagne in France and took a few character pictures.

I could have used a magic carpet ride during the marathon.

These go nicely together.

I stumbled across these guys by accident,
but I'm not one to waste a photo op!
After my character sightings, I met back up with Tara and we headed over to Mexico for some lunch.

Tacos? Yes, please!
We also cruised through Norway. I think we look good in antlers.

Not really sure what kind face a moose makes. Hmm.

After that, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Not sure how I got such a perfect picture, but I'll take it!

I want to live here.
We rode a bunch of rides, including Buzz Light Year. I gotta say, Astro Blasters at Disneyland is so much better than Buzz Light Year.

Tara kicked my ass...

I forget that they still have the electric light parade at WDW.

Originally, we were going to try and meet up with Abby and Fruitfly for some post race celebration, but that didn't work out since everyone was leaving in the morning and we were all tired. (Be ready for Dumbo, ladies! Smaller parks, easier to track you down!). Luckily for me, Tara smuggled in the mini flavored bottles of vodka I gave her for her birthday.

Serious stuff going on here.
We wandered around the new fantasy land and ran into Goofy, so of course, we needed pictures with him after that ridiculousness called Goofy Freaking Challenge.

Can't trust that guy. He's trying to steal my medal.

I <3 this picture.

Can't wait for our next run Disney adventure. Dumbo Double Dare, here we come!


  1. You TOTALLY should've corrected her. . I mean, how else is she going to learn that you are amazing?!

    Glad yall had a great post-race! We definitely need to coordinate for Dumbo.

    1. I wanted to correct her, but then I thought I would look like bitchy, so I controlled myself!

      DUMBO!!! Can not wait! Eeeeee!!

  2. I just found your blog while searching for other Goofy Challenge recaps. I was probably the only runner NOT wearing the medals to the parks afterwards. I don't know why it didn't occur to me ha. BTW, I would have corrected that person that in the bus, ha! Nice recap! Congrats

    1. Thank you! My first half was at Disneyland and it didn't occur to me to wear my medal, either. Then I saw everyone at the parks wearing theirs! And congrats to you as well!


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