Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Goofy, huh?

RT @disneywords: Every day, another new 
adventure. Every mile, another new zip 
code. –Goofy

I thought that this was an appropriate tweet quoting Goofy considering I've committed to doing GOOFY CHALLENGE 2013. Ahhh! Scary! Having focused more on the idea of doing the NYC Marathon, I forgot how scary doing Goofy're totally right, Fruitfly - I'm excited, but now getting a little freaked out! I guess it's just sinking in today how hard training for this is going to be.

Disney races are my favorite and I'm really excited to finally see the entire marathon course. I had the first leg of the marathon relay this year and I liked that course better than the half marathon course. (I'm really glad T is so easy to convince to do races because Disney announced that they will not be offering the marathon relay this year. So the adorable Chip and Dale Relay medal is a one of a kind medal!)

I ran a half marathon last Saturday, so I'm using that as an excuse for not running this week, but I need to get back on the wagon tomorrow now that I've had a week off. Plus, my ass is NOT getting any smaller. Here's T and me nerding out after the Tinker Bell Half at Disneyland.

Ready to tackle  Goofy 2013
2013 seems like a good year to do Goofy since it will be the 20th anniversary of the marathon. I'm hoping the medal will be awesome. For some reason, I never like their anniversary medals. The 5th anniversary DL Half kinda sucked, but since it was my very first half marathon, I was just excited to get a medal. I didn't like the giant 5 for a 13 mile race. The Donald 15th anniversary is creepy.

In other news: I'm hooked on The Hunger Games. I'm halfway through the first book and it's really good.

Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games Poster

Why can't I be creative enough to come up with these kinds of stories? I wouldn't mind being a creative genius...and I could certainly use the money. I can't wait for the movie.

Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence
Lenny Krevitz to play Cinna (source)
I didn't realize Elizabeth Banks was playing this weirdo... (source)
Can't wait. Now I'm off to do some reading. G'night all!

Blogger Note: I just ran spellcheck and I misspelled anniversary 3 different times...and I actually know how to spell it. D'oh.



  1. The Hunger Games are addictive! I just finished all of them a couple weeks ago!

    1. OMG, I love the first book! I'm not done, yet, but it's been great so far. Too bad you love so far away...we could go see the movie together!

  2. OMG THE HUNGER GAMES. I read all three books in about a week. Of course that was ALL I DID. But hey, they are addicting. Counting down to the movie! :)

    Aww, that is too bad about the relay...that would have been a totally fun option! :(

    1. I'm in the middle of the second book. The book is definitely better than the movie, but the movie was still good.

      As for the relay, I'm so glad I got the medal and it was a great experience, but it was a little bit of a hassle, especially for the person having to do the second leg of the race.

  3. I liked the Donald medal! But maybe I liked it just because a) I got it and b) it was different.

    Just today I was talking about training for Goofy and how, at this point, the thought of even doing 20 miles is frightening. I did the second half of the relay and loved it. So if we put the 1st half you liked and my 2nd half together -- I have great thoughts for our ambitious Goofy 2013 goal!

    1. I certainly never turn down a medal! But I think I don't like the Dolnald medal because I'm not a huge fan of Donald Duck. I wonder if they will use the Mickey design from the last 2 years for the Donald medal in 2013? I like that design.


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