Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Rant

RT @lnsaneFacts: Heavy drinkers have a longer life expectancy than non-drinkers

Well, that's good to know in case I need to take up a new hobby.

Today has been totally craptastic so I'm taking a mini break from life to whine...waaaah. Booo. Hissss.

That felt good.

Also, I think I should get a prize for my insanely healthy lunch despite my desire to snarf myself to happiness.

More later...

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  1. that is kind of fucked up, bc i really believe in all my research and work being "good"...but it doesn't square with the fact that i'm now a good 50 lbs over what i weighed in college, when i was drinking my ass off and living on shakes and fries at the diner. these days, i'm like 'ooh, i better not buy the peanut butter with sugar in it!' - vs in my 20s it was 'better not buy the cigarettes with the cloves in!...menthols only please!' cuz if it tastes like mint it must be healthier right?
    there must be something to the relative joy with which you consume things. the day i consume a spinach and chia smoothie with the utter joy and abandon i used to have for long island iced teas, i'll know i've arrived.


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