Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Jan. 2012

Two inaugural races in one month! I loved, loved, loved this race. I like it better than the regular Disneyland Half over Labor Day weekend. The course is much different, spending more time running behind the scenes in the parks and the course runs the opposite direction through the castle. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Laser beams are armed!!

Okay, T's costume is better than mine...
Run on the Sun, a.k.a. T, and I don't typically run races together (with the exception of the WDW Half), so we said goodbye as we crossed the start line and we were off! I learned some valuable things about fueling during our back to back races at WDW. Apparently, I'm not eating nearly enough during races, so I was careful to take a shot block at every mile marker. It was hard to remember to take one as often as I planned because usually, I don't bother with anything until about 5 miles in. It makes such a huge difference in my stamina.

I bumped into T on Main Street, USA, my favorite part of the race!
Not the best photo quality, but it works!

Mile 10! (duh)

Awesome time was had by all!

Race Swag!

Okay, the Pan Am bag wasn't official race swag, but if you waited in line at the ABC network booth at the expo, you got a cool Pan Am bag. Woot! Now, of course, Pan Am is going of the air, but I don't care, the bag is sweet. It's pretty handy as a gym bag.

Definitely want to do this race again. I don't know if I can pull of 2013 for Tink because we've committed to doing the Goofy Challenge the week before and that just seems like too much to pack in.
Of course, we stayed an extra day to hang out at the parks. Sadly, our Disney filled January had to come to end because T's boyfriend and son were beginning to forget what she looked like and I used up a good portion of my PTO at work.

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