Thursday, March 22, 2012


I’ve been a bad blogger! I’ve also been a bad exerciser and bad dieter. My scale yelled at me this morning.

Need Help on a 3 Day Diet
ummm, yeah...

I’ve been stressing out of my mind over a horse show I had last weekend and my diet, exercise, life went all amok. So I need to get back on track. Not to mention, the whole scary, looming NYC marathon. Eek.

Exciting and very scary. (source)

I need to dust the cobwebs off of my lap top and get back to blogging and thinking about running.
While I’ve been neglecting the blogosphere, my Goofy countdown is now under 300 days. That sounds like a long time, but I’m such a champion slacker that it will be here before I know it and I’ll be completely under trained. Can’t have that!

I'm also really excited about participating in the Goofy Challenge during the marathon's 20th anniversary. They posted a picture of the original Mickey medal on the runDisney facebook page. I can. not. wait. to see what they design for 2013. Hopefully, it will be better than the 15th anniversary Donald.

Original Mickey Medal 1994 (source)
It would be really cool if they did some sort of variation of this design for the anniversary medal. I actually really like it, although I think the original is pretty small. I like the round old school medal design.

Why can't I just live at a Disney park all of the time? *siiiiigh*

Now back to my originally scheduled and exercise regimen to resume soon.



  1. Okay - I just freaked out seeing it is less than 300 days now. I feel like I should just start training NOW so I can be ready in time!

    I stared at that old medal when Disney posted it, too! And I also wondered if they'd try to go old school with the 20 year. I'm excited to see what they choose!

    1. I would love it if they resurrected the original, made it bigger and stamped 20th anniversary on it. My problem with training right now is that it's enough time for me to get into better shape and then slack off again! LOL!

    2. Yep! I think that's why I just keep registering for half marathons all the time. That way even if I don't train much I'm still always forced to do 13.1 every month!


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