Friday, March 9, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

There are lots of things on my mind today.

1. At what point do you give up on something? I've put blood, sweat and tears into training my horse and sometimes it seems as if his behavioral problems can just not be fixed.
I'm not 100% sure if some of these problems can't be traced back to some sort of physical ailment causing him to act out. All I know is that we can't pinpoint an ailment/injury and I can't be sure that it's not as simple as his knowing he can best me.
What I do know is that this is wearing on me.

2. RT @Notebook: How would you feel if you were the reason someone cried every night?
I saw this on Twitter today and all I could think was - I don't ever want to be the person that causes someone to cry every night.
I see a lot of hurtful things posted on public forums and I wonder why people think it's okay to be mean. When did it become okay to post things designed to hurt another person? It's even worse when people do it to those they used to care about.

3. Who knew Chipotle salads could be as delicious as their rice bowls? In trying to limit my grain intake, I had a salad instead of a rice bowl. Yummm.
And just to end on a positive note, I won these at work today:

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