Friday, March 2, 2012


Original Pre Half Marathon Plan for last night:

1. Slow jog for 2-3 miles as a taper run
2. Drink lots of water to hydrate for Saturday's race


1. Forgot to leave board check for Bam Bam's board, so I trekked up to the barn to leave a check.
2. Fellow barn mate opened a bottle of wine.
3. Jogged .000002 miles to my car to get cell phone
4. Drank entire bottle of wine with barn mates.
5. Decided we needed sushi at 8:00pm
6. Had more wine and snarfed a whole lot of sushi
7. Stopped on my way home to get gas and bought a package of praline pecans.

I wish I had not discovered these praline pecans. I always see them, but now that I know just how delicious they are, I may become addicted. Anyway, I feel kinda gross and head achy this morning from too much wine. I'm hoping that if I suck down water all day, I will feel better for the race tomorrow...

Best of luck finishing a marathon that doesn't involve episodes of Law & Order.
Hey, I can also finish entire marathons of NCIS.
'Cause I'm an athlete.


  1. Praline Pecans?!? I did not even know there was such a thing!!

    ...umm...amazing...may have to get some!

    1. Omg, they are amazing. Here in AZ, they have them at most gas stations.


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