Saturday, January 19, 2013

WDW Marathon Weekend - Expo

So much recapping to be doing!! And yes, I'm doing them out of order. I promised my friend, Ari, I would have my race recaps done ASAP because she wanted them for a post she was doing on her blog. (By the way, she's running her first full marathon tomorrow, so stop by her blog and wish her luck!)

If you missed them:

WDW Half Marathon Recap
WDW Marathon Recap

Of course, before we could do any running, we had to go to the ESPN Sports Complex for the expo.

Oh yes, Goofy medal, you will be mine...
The place was packed, as usual. Run Disney branded event gear sells out really fast, so we went to the expo first thing Thursday night after checking into our hotel and again Friday morning. I always want to buy all of their stuff and then I get to the expo and I never really fall in love with anything.

I still bought a Champion Goofy jacket (never mind that I have 2 others just like it from the Disneyland Half Marathons in 2011 and 2012). They are really plain, though. I think I might get some lettering added to the back that says 39.3 miles or something. I also bought a retro looking Mickey Marathon hoodie. I just didn't like the Goofy sweatshirt.

Anyway, we picked up our numbers after purchasing our swag.

Then we headed over to the expo. It was a mad house. I can only spend so much time at an expo. The crowds eventually get to me and I can't take anymore.

I stopped by the Run Disney booth to register for the Dumbo Double Dare. They were having all sorts of issues with their computers and so I signed up on a good old fashioned paper form. I really hate doing that. When I signed up for Goofy and the San Diego RnR expo, my name and email were both spelled incorrectly and it was a hassle to change it. Plus, as of right this moment, my card has not been charged, so that makes me a little nervous (although, I sort of remember it taking a few weeks for Goofy, too).

When we were done with shopping (I spent waaaaaay too much money), we stopped by the HP booth on our way out to get a picture.

After the expo on Thursday night, we headed to Downtown Disney and ate dinner at Raglan Road Irish Pub. I loved, loved, loved this restaurant/pub. The music and Irish dancing was fun and entertaining, but the food was ah-maaaay-zing. I had Shepard's Pie. Try it, you'll thank me.

We also had a few glasses of wine since there was no way I was drinking after that until Goofy was over. And, as it turns, I hardly drank after it was over since my body just didn't seem to want alcohol. Weird, right? I mean, c'mon!

More recapping to come, but now I'm off to go make posters for Ari to cheer her on tomorrow at the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona. Good luck, Ari!


  1. I was totally going to stand in line for that HP pic, but it was too insane for me. Lucky yall!

    1. It actually moved pretty fast, so I'm glad we did it...even if one of the HP guys was kind of a dick and told Tara she couldn't be using their computers to send personal email. Psssh- how are we supposed to know if they're any could if we can't try them out?

  2. Psh, don't worry - I covered post-Goofy alcohol for you.

    That expo was crazy. I mean so many people. So I went Thursday as soon as it opened. Bought TONS of stuff. Then after Animal Kingdom and the 5K we went back. Goofy merch was wiped out except for cups, which I of course then had to buy.

    But yeah - mega crowded all the time. Pretty glad a) you told me about Dumbo selling out soon and then b) that I registered for it on computer!

    1. From now on, I'm avoiding paper registration unless there's no other option. At least if they gave you a copy of your entry, you would have some sort of proof of being entered. Too nerve wracking for me.

      I spent so much freaking money and I was still using restraint! But I'm only going to do so many marathons or Goofy Challenges in my lifetime so I feel like it's justified.


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