Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reality Check

I'm sitting at the Orlando airport really wishing I had a few more days to spend at WDW.

There are half marathoners, full marathoners and Goofy Challengers all over the airport this morning. I love seeing everyone in their gear and race shirts. My flight alone has at least 10 that I can see waiting at the gate.

I keep over hearing all sorts of conversations between runners about just how difficult this race was and how much slower everyone seemed to be. I'll write more when I recap, but it's good to know that everyone struggled just like me.

Meanwhile, I'm an athlete...and I'm fueling like a boss. Best nachos ever.


  1. I totally wore my race stuff to the airport. I remembered the year before seeing all the Goofy runners and marathoners in the airport... so I was determined to be one this time!

    1. I wore my marathon hoodie. It was like being a part of some awesome club at the airport. ;)


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