Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stuff. Lots of stuff.

There's been lots and lots of things going on these days! I'm going to try and cram most of it into one blog post because otherwise I will get too far behind.

I'm trying not to go into total freak out mode over Goofy which starts next Saturday. *gulp* I'm actually having true anxiety over it. But I've been managing to squeeze in some runs. My sister got me some awesome gloves for Christmas. Anyone that attempts to use their Garmin or cell phone while running knows that that it's nearly impossible to operate those devices with regular gloves on. That's why I always get cheap fingerless gloves from Target. (Plus, I like crazy colored gloves)

These gloves are great. First, they have fibers woven through them that allow you to use your Garmin or phone. Second, they keep your hands warm but still breathe. I give them a thumbs up.

Not the most flattering picture of my cankles.
Yesterday, two of my Pfizer reps took me and my work BFF, Tiana, to get manicures, pedicures and then out for a fancy dinner. It was awesome. We went to a full service salon that I would never spend my own money to go to.

I get pedicures pretty regularly since I wear flip flops for 9 months of the year, but I rarely get manicures. I was thinking about getting one before going to Florida, so I'm stoked that they treated us to one yesterday. I could seriously get addicted to having nice nails.

They're not quite this red in person.
I've also been riding a lot. Lou is coming along great. He's such a fun little horse.

On Friday, we had our first Ragnar Relay team meeting. Have I mentioned that I'm doing Ragnar? I've wanted to do it for 3 years now, but I didn't really know enough runners to put together a team. Luckily, this year, I have the opportunity to run with 11 fellow bloggers!

I'm running Ragnar del Sol, which is a 200 mile around the clock 12 person relay race. There's several Ragnar relays around the country. 12 people run 3 different legs from Wickenburg, AZ to Tempe, AZ. I'm really excited about this race.

There's a lot of logistics and planning involved in a race like this. Each team has 2 vans and you sleep in the vans and drive from each runner switch point to the next. One thing I didn't think about was the how to train for this.

The total miles I will be running is about 17, but I've got a lot of time in between each leg, so I sort of assumed that because the total distance was not that far, I wouldn't really need to train that much differently. None of my legs are over 8 miles, so it doesn't sound too bad.

However, it is suggested that you train by doing 3 different runs within a 24 hour period. I guess Ragnar training begins as soon as I get home from Goofy.

Speaking of Goofy, I'm a little concerned about the heat. 80 degrees in Florida is completely different than 80 degrees in Arizona. It feels so much warmer with the humidity. I am not looking forward to that. Hopefully, it will be cloudy and the sun won't be horribly intense.

And last, I saw Cavalia last week. It deserves a recap all by itself, it's so amazing. So I will leave you with this mediocre picture I took on my phone and hopefully, I will have time to do a proper recap before I leave for Florida.


  1. Excited to hear about your Ragnar experience. That's on my list for one day.

    I'm still holding out for the forecast to change again.

    1. I'm pretty excited about Ragnar. I think they have one in NY. And seriously? 80 degrees? I'll be praying for rain if it's going to be that warm. Ugh.


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