Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Latest Run Disney Obsession

Since Goofy Challenge has pretty much dominated my life (and blog) for the last month and a half or so, why should it stop now?

I was lame and didn't get very many pictures on marathon day, I'm super thankful that Abby and Fruitfly did!

I <3 this picture so much! Stolen from Fruitfly.

I look like I'm attacking Tara! Stolen from Abby.

I spent the better part of my day emailing with Abby and Fruitfly about the new Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare. I haven't been so excited for a race weekend in a long time. Why, you ask?
  1. After months of worrying about finishing the NYC Marathon that ended up being canceled and then worrying about how I was going to accomplish Goofy, a 10K and a half in one weekend seems super easy.
  2. Reunion with Abby, Fruitfly, and Tara!
  3. Costumes
  4. Disneyland Half is my favorite race and also my anniversary race. 2013 will be my 4th anniversary of racing.
  5. DL Half 2012 is my current PR. Maybe I'll set a new one.
  6. It's going to be an awesome weekend!
Of course, there's the little issue of me being double registered for this race and after 4 emails and 5 phones calls I can't get anyone from Run Disney to help me or even follow through. Not sure how I'm going to get that resolved, but I guess I'll give rD some time to settle down after what had to have been a rough day for them with Dumbo selling out in an hour. There a lot of unhappy runners out there right now. And they're posting all over facebook.

In other completely unrelated news, you know how sometimes when you're just about to drift off to sleep, you think you're falling or tripping and you do a full body jerk and wake up? Well, the other night that happened to me but I thought my horse was biting my arm. I literally jerked my arm so violently that I tweaked my elbow.

He doesn't look like a land shark, does he?
Seriously, that cute, adorable, sweet little face will bite your arm off you're not careful. He's not even an aggressive or mean horse. He's sweet and friendly. He gets excited to see me. But he bites. And now I'm having night terrors about my piranha of a horse. Good grief.

Who else is already getting super excited about Dumbo?


  1. I am determined to run a Disney race one day! If I'm lucky enough to get registered in time, of course. :)

  2. Yeah, I'm one of those (formerly) angry runners who was on Facebook about it... And now, like you, I'm double registered. I registered through Disney, and then discovered that I can do the Dumbo Double Dare through a charity, so I'm doing it with the A-T Children's Project!

    That said, I am SUPER excited to Dumbo and doing the Coast to Coast challenge! (Maybe it's just me, but who can resist a super cute baby elephant with large, floppy ears - even a cartoon one?)

    That's so awesome that you went to WDW and did Goofy. I'm thinking of deferring my race registration through Disney over to the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend, but I'm still thinking on it. It sounds like you had an amazing time, though. Seeing how many people loved it is definitely encouragement (and motivation to step up the training! haha)

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    1. I was definitely amazing! I met some awesome people and you feel completely badass when you're done. It's hard, REALLY HARD, but after Goofy, I feel like I can do anything.

  3. They were taking registrations for the Dumbo Double Dare at the Tinkerbell expo. There was a pretty long line for it at one point. That may have had something to do with how quicky it sold out when they opened it online three days later. I'd considered it when it was first announced, but an extra hundred dollars on top of an already high registration price for Disneyland turned me off. I can't wait to see the medal though. I'm sure it'll be one of the cutest ones they've ever done.

    1. I bet the medal will be awesome! I forgot just how cute Dumbo is (even if I hate the name Dumbo, lol!)


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