Monday, December 3, 2012

Annual Convention

Not that anyone asked, but I sell drugs for a living. Horse drugs. For real.

The equine pharmaceutical industry is a medical community unlike any other. It's quirky and fascinating (mainly because I've shown horses for most of my life). Every year, there's a huge convention for all of the vets and we write a ton of business. It's stressful, crazy and even fun (and emotional). This year, the convention was in Anaheim, California, which is right in the middle of my territory, so yours truly got to go! The convention always runs Sunday through Tuesday and since I have to be back to actually place all of the orders, I had to be back at my desk Monday morning, so it was a busy, exhausting few days.

But Tiana got to go , too, so what could be better? Friday morning, we hopped on a plane to California.

Me and Tiana getting on the plane

Also, it just so happens that the convention hall was right across the street from my favorite place: Disneyland! Tiana and I left a day early and managed to do some fun stuff before all the craziness began on Saturday night.

I won't bore you with all sorts of actual work and convention pictures (mainly because I didn't think to take any) but I'll show you the awesome side of the convention- the schmoozing part!

It was raining on Friday after we arrive, but we trekked over to Downtown Disney for lunch at the Jazz Kitchen. It was a little pricey, but delicious.

If you ever come here, you must have the garlic Parmesan fries. You'll thank me.

We wandered around in the rain for awhile and couldn't resist stopping by this place:

How could we resist?

And I tried on some hats...

Then Tiana got the super genius idea to go to Medieval Times! It was a good call because what's better than watching hot men in Medieval garb riding horses, right?


Everyone is assigned a knight to cheer for and we got the blue knight.

Our knight didn't win. Boo.

We got there early, so we got great seats right up front.

We were right up by the action.
I really enjoyed Medieval Times. It's a fairly short cab ride from the Disneyland area, so I recommend a trip some time.

Saturday morning, we even snuck in a little park time the before the opening convention reception that night. I rarely get to go to Disneyland at Christmas since I usually only go for a race these days, so it was fun to see it all decorated.

So, I haven't been running, but I've walked a ton this weekend. I have more to report about the wild world of equine veterinary pharmaceuticals, but I'm too exhausted to post it tonight. Stay tuned!


  1. Jealous of your work convention!!

    I used to work at a pharma ad agency. One year for the JP Morgan 5k, we submitted a design that said "I sell drugs in Union Square"- where our office was. Yea. It didn't fly.

    1. Lol! I love that! That would be a great slogan for a tech shirt!


    What is that jacket?? The colors are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! It's my favorite race jacket! It's one of those Champion jackets that Disney has at their races. That one is from the Disneyland Half in 2011. I bought one for the 2012 race, but I like that one so much better that I wear it all of the time. I'd like to get one for Goofy, so I hope they aren't ugly!

    2. That makes sense .... at DL that year I was drooling all over those blue/blue shirts and jackets. Not sure why I didn't get one. It looks great on you!

      Goofy, I figure, will have lots of Orange to it since that is the official Goofy color. Fortunately I like orange! Did you order the marathon necklace? I totally did. I feel so corny, but dang it, it was cute and I NEEDED it!

    3. Thank you! I love blue!

      No, I didn't order the necklace because I ordered it for Tink this year and I never wore it. Actually, I may have lost it. But I do get sucked into the pins for all of the races even though I never collect Disney pins otherwise. But for races? You better believe I have at least one for each race. Damn you, Disney marketing!


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