Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Blues

It's always hard to go back to work after a four day vacation. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving break, Surprisingly, I don't have have actual Thanksgiving dinner pictures, despite the fact that I have divorced parents and therefore, I had not one, but two Thanksgiving feasts within a few hours of each other.

Wednesday night started off with an 8 mile run with Tara... Which didn't do anything to really lessen the damage I did shoveling food into my mouth on Thanksgiving day. *siiiiiiiiiiigh*

Thanksgiving started with a morning at the barn, of course, and Louie attempted to steal my coffee...


Coffee? Yes, please!
Actually, he was more interested in ripping off the plastic top and chomping on it than the actual coffee, despite the fact that it was cinnamon coffee with vanilla creamer!

Then there was lots of Thanksgiving snarfing. Like, seriously, I ate a lot of food on Thursday. I wish I could say I did some sort of Turkey Trot run - it's not like there's not a ton of them around - but I did not.

I also did not participate in Black Friday this year. I've joined the insane masses on Black Friday for the last several years with my friends and it always turns into getting up at some insane hour, going to the mall, getting Starbucks, getting sleepy and annoyed, going out to breakfast and then finally heading home pretty much empty handed.

Last year, we pretty much had Starbucks and people watched instead of trying to actually shop. I was too exhausted to join in on that this year. Maybe next year instead of Black Friday Starbucks, we can tailgate and and drink wine in the parking lot of Best Buy and watch crazy shoppers try to kill each other. How awesome would that be? It would be awesome.

Hell yeah, count me IN!

Moving on...

One of my friends also organized a reunion of some of my high school friends. While I have seen some of these people a few times since high school, most of them I haven't, so it was so great to catch up with everyone.

By Sunday, I finally did some more running. I met up with Tara once again for a long run. We originally planned for 13 or 14 miles and ended up doing close to 11. It was 10.75 to be exact.

Yup. Had to Instagram this to make it look better.
Here's my required narcissist blogger pic.

The park is really pretty at night
Tara brought me CHRISTMAS GU!!! OMG, it tastes like candy canes. I loved it.

Tastes like Christmas!

Tara running along...probably around mile 4

Thank God, Tara and I have started making an effort to meet for longer runs. She and I are total slackers and it's getting tough to make myself go out and run. At least we find ways to entertain ourselves.

Pole dancing
Tara doesn't like boring pictures, so she wanted me to be silly. Of course, it turned out really blurry...

This is the only filter I could find to
lighten up this pic

We tried to come up with a strategy for the Goofy Challenge. Since the NYC Marathon was canceled,  we don't have the experience of completing a full marathon to figure out how to pace ourselves for Goofy. Last year, when we did the Half Marathon and the Marathon Relay back to back, we took both races really slowly to try and save our muscles. I think we're going to try and do something like that this year. Anyone have any advice?

Speaking of Goofy, I went to send my Dad the link to the Goofy hoodie I wanted for Christmas (he never knows what to get me) and they're already sold out!

Waaah. I want it.

Anyone have any ideas for how you plan to handle Goofy? Any advice?

So that was my Thanksgiving holiday in a nutshell. Love my family, my friends, my wonderful little horse, the great friends I've made through running, blogging and various other Internet sources. I'm thankful for each and everyone of you.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


  1. CHRISTMAS GU!?!!?! I want!! Where did you get it??

    PS I like your Best Buy taildate idea - sounds fun and hilarious :)

    1. Oh, if you like candy canes, you need Christmas Gu! Tara picked them up at Sole Sports- I think it was the Scottsdale store.

      Black Friday Tailgating- I think we should plan a party for that! ;)

  2. Okay, Man Friend and I have been discussing Goofy a lot .... especially since I'm like "oh, let's run 2 miles tonight and call it good". Our plan ... we're going to Galloway it (and probably sing the Do the Galloway song!). For the half we are taking it easy, having fun, stopping for photos and just not stressing at all. (For the 5K we are ONLY walking until the 3 mile mark. Are you doing the 5K?) And then for the full we are going to again Galloway and just have fun! My plan is to not think about the running and instead soak up the fact that we are lucky enough to get to run through Disney World, see backstage, be given gels and water, go through parks and see this big Mile 20 Spectacular. Basically just run/walk and NOT think about time at all. Seems like Goofy is more about the experience and feeling like a bad ass versus any sort of finish time.

    Now, I've been meaning to ask for ages, but then I couldn't read blogs for ages either so that made it hard .... are you on fb??? If so, find me! "Ronda Rae". I think I come up first, at least I used to. You'll know it is me by the "Love to Run" shirt!

    1. I think we're going to do something similar. We've been going out and doing walk/run intervals for 2 and 3 hours (okay, we've only done that twice so far, but that's the plan for the rest of Goofy!) Goofy is A LOT of miles in one weekend to do solo. Definitely will be more fun with a buddy.

      I'm sort of wishing that I signed up for the 5k, too, but the fact that I don't have NYCM checked off of my list, doing my first marathon the day after a half is probably a big enough challenge. ;)

      I said this in another response to one of your comments, but we need to meet up for pictures! It will be fun to meet!

      Off to find you on fb!

    2. omg james, are we going to totally regret not doing dopey??? since i am 99% sure we will never go back and attempt this again?? aughh it is way too easy to talk myself into things...tell me it's full anyway so at least i won't torture myself about adding it...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I would feel waaaay more upset about not doing it if it was an official sort of thing... and never say never. We'll have our rose colored glasses on soon enough and we'll end up signing up for the 25th marathon anniversary or something. ;)

  3. i love how my avatar crops to just my drink and neck. wtf is that?!

    consider black friday tailgating BOOKED for next year! you are genius for thinking of it and now must host this brilliant activity. we will make it truly festive by drinking *mulled* wine. once we find out wtf that is. and i will wear reindeer antlers over my bear costume.

    you forgot to mention my brilliant contingency plan to bring a flask on the marathon. just have to find one that weighs less than my regular aluminum one..and we will be golden! ;)

    1. I knew I could count on you to participate in such a ridiculous scheme! Wheeee! How fun and blog worthy, right?! Now we just need to get sippy cups to hide the booze!


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