Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Did 5 miles tonight and it was really cold. Now, I know that 46 isn't really that cold, but to us desert dwellers, it's frigid. I trained all summer to run NYC when it was in the 90s at 4 freaking AM.

It took a lot to get me out there, especially considering the fact that my outside rep at work sent me a surprise to celebrate a very successful month.

She knows the way to bribe me my heart.
Who needs to run?

I've been squatting at my mom's house for a few days because of the holidays and more importantly, there's something wrong with my satellite and how in God's name am I supposed to survive without TV?!?

I made my mom take a picture of me before I left.

One of the things I'm finally accepting is that you have to swallow your pride when you train for really long distances. Since I'm already a slow runner on a good day, it's hard to slow my pace down even more but I'm coming to the conlusion that the only way I'm going to survive Goofy is to be as slow as possible and still stay within the allowed time limits.

I keep proving to myself that if I start out too fast, I will pay. My body rebels every single time and I feel wiped out after 3 miles. Tonight I slowed myself down by almost an entire minute per mile and I felt great, so I guess that's my plan for Goofy survival.

I'm also trying to drink more water and eat better the next two weeks before we leave. Today for lunch, I splurged on a pricey salad from Pita Jungle. It was ah-may-zing.

Chicken Curry Salad.
And now I'm off to bed so I can get up early and see my cute pony in the morning. I love Instagramming him.

Off to bed.


  1. Apparently there is a Team #runDisney party in Corral G for us slow runners!

    1. Really? That sounds fun! I'm supposed to be in E or something, but hey, if there's ate slow runner party, I'm in!

  2. Yay - you ran for Goofy training. I should learn to do that.

    I think Shawn is in E, so if we start in that I'll have to track you down! I'm supposed to be C. So we are bringing in some proofs of time to try to get him up where I am, but who knows. I just want to avoid the sweeper at all costs!

    1. Yeah- sweepers=bad!! But maybe we can have a party with Abby in G. ;)


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