Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lunch Time Love Affair

My work BFF, Tiana, and I are creatures of habit. Not only do we go to lunch together every day, sometimes I get texts like this even though she sits one cubicle away:

We have a relaxed dress code...
Although, nothing tops my favorite picture of us and this makes me laugh every single time I see it:

Yes, this is a work function.
Anyway, Tiana and I have been working together for an eternity several years and so we have a usual rotation of classy dining establishments which we frequent for lunch, inlcuding Jersey Mike's, where my imaginary boyfriend works.

As luck would have it, his name is Jamie, too (although spelled differently), and he's adorable. He always says hi to us and Tiana always jokes about seeing "my man" when we go there for lunch. Well today, even though there was a line, he had my lunch already made by the time I got to the front to order. I definitely don't tend to change up the things I like to eat if a stranger knows what I'm going to order without even asking. I don't know why this made my day, but it was cute. And I could have sworn he was a little embarrassed. Hee hee

After work, I met up with my friend, Kate, at our usual sushi joint, Kampai, where I consumed one too many glasses of plum wine.

Between the wine and soy sauce (non-gluten free, so I might pay for that later), I'm already retaining water. It was delicious and Kate is always fun. She's actually a buyer for one of my clients, but happened to move to Phoenix and work from home so we go out for sushi a couple of times a month. I'm going to have to spend a little more time on the treadmill tomorrow since I didn't run tonight and my ankles will look like sausages from water retention. Lovely!

     Oh, so this isn't normal behavior? Huh...   (source)
On a more serious note, my friend, Theresa, was diagnosed with stage II lymphoma a few weeks ago. She's had an incredible attitude. Last week, after her first chemo treatment, but before she started losing her hair, she donated 17 inches to Locks of Love. She got a really cute hair cut, but her hair is now falling out and huge chunks and it's horribly sad to see.

My heart is breaking for her. She still comes to work and still has a good attitude, but today she was wearing a hat and seemed more subdued. It really puts everything into perspective. Sitting next to her, I'm reminded every day how precious life is. I don't want to seem cheesy by saying that, but watching someone go through this is really an eye opener. It reminds me not to give up on people, goals, or life in general.

It reminds me that we can be and do anything we want. As lazy as I can be, I really do think of Theresa when I think about skipping going to the gym and training. I think about things I want to accomplish and that not everyone gets a chance to fulfill their dreams.

If you woke up this morning, then it's not too late to become the person you want to be, mend broken relationships or chase dreams.


  1. I love this post Jaime for 3 reasons. The amazing pic of myself can't be topped lol, the fact that you are actually acknowledging that your dating Jamie the manager (well kind of haha) and the inspirational message about Theresa. She is a true fighter and I respect her so much. It really does open your eyes up to how previous life truly is.
    P.S. So proud of you for sticking to your new work out!

    1. Yaaaaay! You finally signed up! I believe that this pic can be topped when we go to Cancun. I actually took one for you today. Did you get it?

      And thank you!


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