Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weird Relationships and Running

Happy Saturday!

There's a National Geographic Channel marathon of the show Taboo running today. Now I've never seen the show before, but I couldn't stop watching. Any time you think you've chosen poorly regarding your choices of mate in relationship, just remind yourself that at least you are not dating an inmate.

Yep. That's right. An inmate. Like from PRISON.

Getting married by proxy via the prison radio station. Romantic, right? (source)

This woman married a man serving at least another decade in prison. She met him when he was on the run from the law. They lived together for a year before he turned himself in because he knew that it was the only way they could eventually have a life together. Um, huh?

She then decided to marry him, but since he's in a maximum security prison, she got married by proxy (which is only legal in a handful of American states) over the prison radio. Romantic!

That's not nearly as weird as a man who married a woman serving a life sentence for her part in the brutal murder of a teen aged boy. The man, recently divorced, found her via the prison pen pal system and told her that he would most likely marry the next woman that came along. So they got married. 'Cause that makes sense, right?

He put up a mannequin in his living room as tribute to her - wedding dress and all - and pretends she is the real deal.

                  This just seems a little too Criminal Minds to me. Even the house is creepy!
Now, I don't believe in regretting past relationships because, regardless of how they ended, each one brought some sort of joy into my life at the time. I've mourned the loss of a few and maybe questioned my own naivete in thinking I could make them work out, but at least my relationship compass isn't lacking to the point where I'm trolling a prison pen pal system to find my soul mate.

My view on our long run this morning by the canal.
This morning, Tara and I joined the San Diego Team for a long run. The weather is unseasonably nice today in Phoenix, AZ. Most of the group just did a 5 mile run since they are tapering for the race next weekend, but we did 7.5.

Susan, our coach, ran with us for the first couple of miles, and by "run" I mean she strolled along while Tara and I shuffled at our incredibly slow HR pace. Susan reassured us that we're on the right track by slowing ourselves down. We got to chat a little bit about heart rate and I told her that I regularly run at a heart rate of 170, even all the way up to 180 and she definitely agreed I should slow it down. I'm crossing my fingers that I will eventually get faster by going slower first, but it's hard!

We shuffled along, slogging through 2 hours at that slow pace, but we were able to have a conversation throughout the whole work out, so it has been nice to have someone to chat with to distract me from how long we were out there.

As the few runners passed us on their way back, Susan turned around and ran back with them to let them back into the store (we met at Sole Sports this morning rather than way out at Pecos Park) and Tara and I continued on our way.

A park along the canal.
Running over the 101 freeway.

All in all, it was a good run. We had beautiful weather and it feels good to be regularly training again. I'm finding that even though we're jogging very slowly, I'm not dreading going out and running because I don't feel completely trashed afterward.

So far, my 3 day weekend is starting off nicely. Please be careful out there this holiday weekend and do not indulge too much. Or do, but don't drink and drive!

Always looking to try new things!


  1. You now have me interested in this heart rate training...

    1. I read a couple of articles on it and our coach confirmed that this is the way to go, so I suppose it's worth giving it a try. It seems like you're going backwards at first, but I then I realized that this is exactly what I did when I first started training and I just naturally got faster. My problem is that I don't train enough and then I go out and expect to be as fast as Iused to be. I will look and see if I can find the article and I will email it to you.

  2. haha the juxtaposition has me wondering if i'm a "weird relationship"! jk :) your pictures make the run look downright dreamy. i like the sepia on the first one

    1. As long as you're not an inmate, you're doing okay! But as you know, none of my relationships have been "normal" so there's something probably wrong with me, too!

  3. What are you using to measure your heart rate?

    1. I bought a heart rate monitor for my Garmin watch. I compared it with the HR monitors on 2 different treadmills and they were all the same, so the treadmill monitors work, too.

  4. That run looks so hot!!! And I'm also trying to run slower - with the thought it will help in the long run. It's so hard!!

    Okay - the prison thing. Bizarre!! I mean sure I wanted to take this upper level sociology class in college just so I could go to the prison and talk to people on death row - but that's totally NOT the same as wanting to marry said man on death row!!


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