Monday, May 14, 2012

Cougar Town

I finally made it back to to the gym tonight after not feeling great for days. I still wasn't 100%, but I'm chalking that up to allergies. I had a sinus headache. Also, my left knee was really sore and my right shin hurt. Weird. I don't usually have leg problems. I need to Google some exercises/treatments to combat this before it gets worse.

It's that time of year in Phoenix, Arizona, when running outside becomes an absolute bitch. It's only the beginning of May and it's already toasty out there...

It's May, folks. It's all downhill from here...
Anyhoo, I really had to force myself today. I was ready to quit after 30 minutes, but I pushed myself to 38. I walked a bunch, but at least I did it, right? It's better than going home and lounging around, watching TV. And thus begins week 5 of marathon training.

Holy $%^&. Marathon training. I'm scared just typing that!

I did go home and paint my toenails afterward. I used to always go get pedicures - my one regular girly splurge - until I was maimed last winter at the nail salon.

You almost can't tell it's wounded!

It was right before the Princess Half Marathon and since I was going to Florida where it was warmer (Phoenix has surprisingly chilly winters) I decided to get a pedicure because if the temperature is even remotely reasonable, then I'm wearing flip flops. Anyway, the nail tech gouged my toe along the side of the nail and the bottom half of my toenail has been messed up since last year. She actually drew blood! At the time, I was worried that it would get infected and it would hurt when I ran. It was fine for the race, but when I got my next pedicure, half of my toenail was DEAD. AAHHH. I'm a flip flop girl. I can't be expected to live in one of the hottest parts of the country and wear closed toes shoes! So, I just keep covering it up with nail polish.

 I also had a horse stomp on my toe about 10 years ago and the curve of my nail is now different from my other big toe. Yes, I know. First world problems.

The point of all of this meaningless information is that I'm getting pretty good at giving myself my own pedicures. I don't plan to stay away from the salon forever, but right now only the top half of my nail is actually attached to my toe. And finally, finally!, my toenail seems to be growing out. I'm sure this in not blog-worthy information, but I'm a boring person. And I needed an excuse to once again play with my cool phone apps.

On another note, I'm heading into cougar country.

Cougar -- Slow Down!

I got asked out by a 23 year old. Now, I know I said I was looking to find a boyfriend, but this is laughable. I'm 35. It's cute, but let's get real. Sometimes, I really think I could create a sitcom of my life. I always attract boys and old men. It's a curse.

Happy Monday, everyone. I'm going to bed.


  1. Great job going the extra 8 minutes after wanting to quit :) And you must look young for your age...

  2. Hey girl! Here is the link to the AZ Blogger's Network. If you register, they will send you all the info about Sunday! So nice to meet you tonight!!


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