Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've made myself seriously sick.

I'm feeling pretty mad at myself because I had planned to go out and do a 6 mile run tonight, but I've been sick most of the day. The cause? Eating things my body rejects.

Yup. I'm a dummy.

Now, I've been pretty dedicated to a gluten free lifestyle, because I've already proven (multiple times. See a pattern?) to myself that gluten gives me horrible heartburn and stomach cramps. The problem is, I will often just skip grains all together, and I think that makes me feel even better.

Then slowly, I start eating more and more of things like rice and other gluten free carbs and after awhile, I start to get sick. I'm also suspicious of having a problem with dairy since I've been sick after eating too much of it several today.

Now I don't want to sound like some whiny whackadoo. Trust me. I love all things made of gluten. I could live solely on bread and pasta. Then add cheese and I'm in heaven.

I know, me too.

I'm actually a little depressed over this because, hell, what am I supposed to eat? Just meat, fruits and veggies? I guess that actually sounds pretty healthy, but yikes. Boring as hell. But the other option is to feel poorly.

If someone tells me I have to give up coffee, I may throw myself off of a bridge. For real.

Now I'm behind in my marathon training, which at this stage in the game, is probably not that big of a deal. I'm still beating myself up over it, though.

Hopefully, I will feel better by Monday and can start anew.

Baby Doing Pushups
                       Stupid baby is showing me up.           (source)

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  1. Boo! But I got this in my inbox today, so that's awesome :)
    Don't be mad, it takes a reminder sometimes! Esp bc the rest of the world is busy pretending that food doesn't affect them. I've been reading a ton of cheese lately and sadly I know those days are numbered...esp once I read that article about corn and everything :( rawr
    Try, great recipes and tons of vegan stuff that's interesting and easy to make


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