Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwing My Back Out Thursday

See what I did there? Throwback Thursday? Get it?

Annnnnnyyywaaayy. As you can probably tell from the title, I hurt myself. I was so gung ho and excited to get back into running since running and I have been on a break in our relationship.


I joined a really nice gym with wifi, conned my dad out of his Showtime login so I could binge on Homeland, and was all set to rekindle my relationship with running. I even was looking forward to running outside with views like this while sweating my ass off in the Arizona summer heat.

Wishing for beautiful sunset views.


Then I injured a disc in my lower back. Severely. I was stuck on my couch for days, unable to work or ride my horse, or do anything at all besides take repeated trips to the chiropractor.

Instead of sunsets, this was my constant view:


I think he's judging me.

I followed every instruction my chiropractor gave me and somehow made very rapid improvement. In fact, the chiro said, "you went from full blown disc syndrome to something much more minor."

So that's a huge relief. I'm back to riding with minimal trouble, but I'm scared to run. I don't have any real pain anymore, but my back is so ridiculously tight. I think I'm going to try using my foam roller on my hamstrings and glutes to see if that helps loosen up my lower back.

Plus, I'd like to sign up for the 100 Miles of Summer challenge at Jost Running as a motivator.


How fun is this medal?

I'm leaving on an Alaskan cruise in a week and a half and I'm hoping to spend some time on the treadmill to off set the amount of food I'll be eating! I googled the fitness center on the ship we will be on and it looks gorgeous.

This view could motivate even the laziest runner.

There's also a walking/jogging track. Since I won't be able to use my Garmin (I'm guessing, I won't, anyway) or the runkeeper app on my phone, I like that you can at least keep track of your miles.


Has anyone tried to run with a back issue? I could use any input y'all might have!




  1. Owe! Yea, i'd be cautious too if I had back pain.
    Have fun on your cruise. We did an Alaskan one a few years back. It was fun but I missed being able to layout on the sun deck like we do with the southern cruises!

  2. Oh dear, that sucks! My husband hurt his lower back (herniated disc) in September and is finally having surgery this month to relieve the pain/numbness because it just got worse. BUT that's really rare, usually it heals in a matter of months!! His spine doc did say to stay away from high impact (aka running) so I'd be careful until you're sure it's healed, but it sounds like it's getting there so that's probably good news.

    100 miles of summer. Now that's an accomplishment in AZ. I'm going to have to check that out.

  3. What is with Alaska cruises right now? I had two FB friend who I knew through mutual friends, who didn't know each other, but who ended up on the same Alaskan cruise a few weeks ago. Alaska and Italy seem to be the trending vacation choices for everyone I know this year. Take it easy. Maybe go for some long walks before you start running. Move into it slowly.

  4. UGH! So sorry to hear that! I've been dealing with some lower back pain/discomfort, too. It comes and goes, and definitely seems to be exacerbated when I'm logging a lot of miles and going to karate classes on top of it (I mean, I'm pretty much asking for it, right?) I've also seen a chiro about it. Sounds like you're doing what you need to do to get back to business -- just take it easy and listen to your body!

    P.S. I LOLed at the Friends meme. Too funny.


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