Friday, June 26, 2015

Is runDisney becoming less popular?

Last year when I signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon, it sold out in less than an hour. I remember taking my lunch break at 9:00 in the morning so I could sign myself up for the half and two of my friends for the 10K.

My current favorite race
This year, I knew the regular (non AP holders, etc) registration opened while I was going to be on a cruise and that there was pretty much no way I was going to be able to register without incurring some obscene wifi bill on the boat.
My current favorite race
I decided that was fine because I really can not spend the money to go in January nor can I really afford to use PTO because I have a major trip happening next spring not to mention horse shows, etc.
My current favorite race

It didn't even really occur to be to check whether the race had sold out because I just assumed that it had. They always do, right? Wrong.

Gorgeous weather

Star Wars Half was at 90% on Tuesday and still at 90% today. That's crazy to me!


I was somewhat surprised when Avengers didn't sell out, but not shocked because a lot of people weren't too impressed with it. As of a few minutes ago, it's less full than Star Wars, yet opened quite a bit earlier.

I'm honestly shocked that Star Wars Half still has slots. That is currently my new favorite runDisney event. The weather is perfect in Anaheim in January and the theme was just so fun. The course is good and the spectators were amazing and hilarious.


I'm wondering what is keeping this race from being full. Some have said it's because there's so many events on. Everyone I talked to loved this race weekend so I can't imagine how it is still open.

It appears that the runDisney events on the west coast are becoming less popular. The Disneyland Half events sold out immediately, so I'm wondering what's up with Star Wars. It's actually a more fun event, better weather and not during Labor Day weekend, which makes Disneyland a complete zoo.

I felt pretty good about my decision not to do this race because I convinced myself since there was no way I could get myself registered in time, I'll just skip it. BUT IT IS STILL OPEN AND MOCKING ME WITH ITS OPENESS!!!

So far, I've remained strong, but I make no promises as to what I will do when registration shows 98%. Sometimes I make bad life choices...








  1. When I first started doing the DL half, you could register for several months. It's only in the last three years or so that it got to be nuts. I don't think they're becoming less popular. If you look at numbers of runners, the popularity has probably increased. They're just spread out over four themed races instead of two, plus they've thrown 10k distances in to the mix. People can't afford the travel or take that much time off work every year. Also, at $200 a slot, locals can do two other races for the cost of one Disney. I think Disney finally just hit what the market will bear. As far as you go personally, you have a pretty great option in the AZ Rock and Roll that same weekend.

  2. I too can remember signing up for a wdw race in November ( for a February race). One would never wait that long now!!! I think the long time run Disney lovers have done the majority of disney races that they've wanted to and are now seeking other races out. For me, running DL was a one time deal ( I think), cus it is so far. I will probably always continue to have one wdw race on my calendar each year. Hopefully I will see you at wdw someday.

  3. I do think that some of the spark is gone from the runDisney races. I also think that once you have done each of the races, you may choose other races instead of spending the vast sums of money required for a Disney vacation and the race itself. At the moment, I have the WDW marathon on my race schedule, but nothing else. And i'm not at all tempted by Star Wars or Avengers.

  4. I think its just much harder for people to do Disneyland races. I can only go to DL once a year (if I am lucky), so I think they have just hit the saturation point on those races.

  5. Crazy there are still spots open!!! I really prefer the DL races - so easy to walk to the start line! I heard so many good things about the Star Wars race as well - you'd think it would sell out in a heartbeat. Stay strong and don't register!!!

  6. I almost like it when the races sell out quickly, because then there's less time for me to feel depressed that I can't go, haha. In 2013-2014, I was ALLLL about the Disney races, and I did more than I care to admit. This year, it was just Marathon Weekend and Wine & Dine this November. Next year? I currently don't have any (*GASP!*) on the calendar. Not necessarily by choice, of's just that the costs really add up, and it's definitely not easy for me to get to DL (nor do I love it anywhere near as much as I do WDW), and I do want to try other races.


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