Monday, January 12, 2015

Motivation Monday

There's nothing more motivating to me than stalking my social media feeds watching tons of people running a race I want to do. All weekend long, I wished I was at Disney World for Marathon Weekend. I seriously don't know what is wrong with me that I want to run the WDW Marathon again. Seriously.

First of all, I said no more marathons. Marathons are for crazy people, right? I've only run two- WDW and NYC- and both were miserable. I ran WDW as part of Goofy Challenge in an insane heat wave and then experienced NYC during crazy freezing winds. So weather has not been my friend when attempting 26.2.

There's tons of amazing full marathons out there and I have less than zero interest in training for any of them. But WDW has my heart and the course is awesome, so if the weather cooperates, it has the potential to be an amazing experience.

Plus, Pam from We Run Disney left me a nice message on my last post and she's right. If I put in half the effort I put into my riding into marathon training, I'd be a rock star. I hope one day to meet up with those lovely ladies at a race because they seem so sweet and fun!

I'm not making any commitments until registration opens. I don't even know when that is, but that's my plan right now. I only ran 3 races in 2014. Well, I guess technically 4, since I did the Glass Slipper Challenge.


I have a lot on my plate this year with horse showing and I think I've pretty much worked through all my possible victims to drag along with me on a race. I am also tentatively planning on Wine and Dine, which I have wanted to run for years.

I told my mom awhile ago that when she was done with her cancer treatments, I would go on a trip with her to Universal Studios in Orlando because she is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. She's done with her treatments, so I'm planning on taking her during W&D or Marathon weekend. She wants to walk another 5K, so I want to make that happen for her. The holidays this year were so much better than last year when my mom had just been diagnosed. I better read the books before we go so I don't miss anything!

I'm also super excited that the gym I want to join is finally opening next month. It's located smack dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle that is my daily life, so it will be really convenient. It's a nicer gym, so slightly pricey, but it has wifi and I'm thinking access to Netflix is necessary for treadmill runs.

Did anyone else catch the Bib Bandit drama on social media? Some guy was posting pictures from his Dopey experience that he claims he didn't pay for. Personally, I think he's full of shit. I doubt he could get all the way through Dopey without getting caught, but people were losing their minds over it. Yes, I think it's a really crappy thing to do, but people were wishing him ill will like physical harm for his antics, and I don't really agree with that, either.

I love me some good interwebz drama, but I get a little squeamish when people get overly hostile.

Also, how awesome is this water? My coworker gave it to me. I better get to hydrating for Star Wars Half in 6 days. Eeeee!!

Anyone else spend their weekend living vicariously through social media posts and crying into their Cheetos because they weren't at WDW? Anyone? Just me?



  1. I surprisingly didn't want to be at WDW this time. I thought I'd be bummed about it, but after doing it last year, I guess I satisfied the yearning. The fact that it seemed to be cold and wet probably also contributed to my lack of a feeling of loss. As far as YOU, completed the NYC Marathon! One marathon is equal to about three half marathons in my book, especially if it involves travel, so you have nothing to regret about 2014.

  2. I did the Goofy Challenge this past weekend for the first time ( and my first full marathon). I thought I was one and done but I think I'm hooked! Good luck at star wars! -M


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