Friday, January 16, 2015

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...Called Anaheim

We arrived safe and sound at the land of the mouse, which is pretty easy. It's about an hour flight and we gained an hour when we hit California. I had some weird Cartel coffee and I would not say I'm a fan, but I also don't like Starbucks coffee, so there must be something wrong with me.

Don't worry, we tipped them for pouring a cup of coffee.

Anywho, we arrived and got to our hotel around 9:30. We were lucky and they let us have a room right away. Score! Next, we were off to the expo.

Love this.


Super helpful cast member showing me the best angle to take a picture.

The last race I ran at Disneyland was the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare. Anyone that was there for the opening of that expo remembers the absolute cluster *^%# that occurred. This expo was practically empty. Most likely due to the fact that the masses would not be arriving on Thursday like us.

Ahhhh, breathing room!

No wait for bibs.
Luckily, I was smart enough not to sign up for the challenge, and I'm just doing the half. Kimberlee and Tabatha, my travel buddies, are doing the 10K. As luck would have it, I hate the shirt, but I'll get over it.

After that, we wandered around the expo for awhile. I made the mistake of not going directly to the official merchandise area because we snuck into the expo from the bib pick up the back way. By the time I was ready to head to the official merchandise area, the line was obnoxious. It wasn't as obscene as it was for Dumbo 2013, but still, no thanks. That's probably a good thing because I have no need for more pricey rundisney clothing that costs as much as feeding a third world child for a year.

I definitely needed a picture.


After that, we needed some lunch. Hydrating is obviously very important for races, so we headed straight to Trader Sam's for some fluids.

I'm a professional, obvi.


And then we were off to California Adventure.


I definitely prefer Cars Land at night. The neon signs and the way everything is lit up is just so much better.

Not bad for a phone camera, right?
Seriously, iPhone 6 has an awesome camera.

So yesterday was a pretty fun day. The weather is gorgeous and it wasn't crowded at all in the parks. Who else is here for Star Wars weekend?



  1. Sorry you hate the race shirt, but I am not always a fan of them either. You clearly have so much fun during your race weekend. Will you be at Tink too? We can't wait to get back to CA for another race at the original mouse house!

    1. Sadly, I will not be doing Tink. :( But Star Wars Half was amazing. It's probably my new favorite race!


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