Saturday, January 4, 2014

Making The Time- Day 3 of Janathon

This whole running (or walking) every day thing is hard. I'm glad I signed up for Janathon this year because I'm getting a taste of what it means to be someone that is serious about working out. I've heard of people that work out like a fiend and make some time no matter what. I just don't happen to be one of those people.

This may or may not be me.

I ride my horse before work most mornings and then work all day. If I'm going to run, I pretty much need to do it after work. If I have any other plans, it gets tough to fit in working out.

Since I had a really long day yesterday that I knew was going to end with happy hour, I had to find another way to get some sort of work out in. I wore my 2012 NYCM tech shirt under my sweater at work and at lunch time, I went out and ran up and down the little mountain behind our office.

The mountain may be small, but it's really steep. It took me more than half an hour to do a little over 2 miles. My legs certainly got a work out, though.

Yes, the sun is super bright here in AZ.
I figure that every little bit helps and doing hill repeats in jeans on my lunch break still got my heart rate up. Day 3's workout? Check!
Day 3 of Janathon: 2.24 miles for a total of 5.44 miles


  1. You're knocking them out! And that picture on top totally looks like you!

    1. Ha! Thank you. I'll let you keep pretending I look like her. ;)

  2. You really have to start counting riding as WORKING OUT! If I said riding wasn't really hard you'd never let me get away with you are one of those people that makes time no matter what, you just don't take credit bc you've been enjoying it for so long. Be proud!


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