Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ragnar Relay Recap - Part 3

Just in case you can't get enough of all of my recapping, here is Ragnar Part 1 and Ragnar Part 2.

I realize I don't have a lot of actual running pictures for Ragnar. *Notes to take more running pictures on my next Ragnar Relay*

I used my stick non stop during Ragnar.

Our non stop picture taking in general was slowing down at this point. We were all starting to feel exhausted. Not to mention, it's hard to take good pictures in the dark!

After our second round of running, we ended up at the Anthem Community Center. Next time, I'm bringing a camping mat or yoga mat. We literally stretched out on a wood floor and tried to catch a little bit of sleep before we had to head to the next exchange point at 4:00am.

I think we only managed a couple of hours before we were back on the road. I was dreading this leg. My last leg was my longest and listed as "very hard" which, if you read my Ragnar Top Ten, you know means "crippling",

I won't go into all of the details, but this last leg was one of the most difficult runs I've ever done. The second half was almost entirely uphill, with the last couple of miles being ridiculously steep. It was 24 hours into our race and we had slept a total of maybe 2 hours. I was freezing and pretty much all around miserable. And yeah, there may or may not have been a few tears.

The was only one little area at mile 6 for van support, so my wonderful van mates kept pulling u-turns so that they could yell out support. It was the only leg where I saw more than one person fall apart.

On one of their drive-bys, Tara yelled out the window, "Everyone else looks like shit, too!" And that made me laugh.

But then I was done! I was runner 2, so 10 more of my team mates had to finish up their last section, but I was done! Now I could relax and watch the rest of our van finish.

Melissa and Jenna (Photo by Megan)


Grumpy Cat doing some driving...

Lance offering water to Megan

We met up with van 2 at the last van exchange and waited for Megan to finish her leg.

Nicole, Jenna, Megan, Jenn, Lara, Me, Chris
Stacie, Tara and Megan
Van 1 was done! We went to lunch, picked up various cars, and then headed down to Tempe to meet at the finish line.

Finish Line at Tempe Town Lake

Team Dessert finishes Ragnar Del Sol 2013

Doing Ragnar was an incredible experience. I loved my team and the girls in my van were awesome. We had so much fun. It was harder than I was expecting, but I'm so, so glad I did it! I would definitely do it long as my van mates were as awesome as the Ice Cream Van. Thanks, Team Dessert, for a most excellent adventure.


  1. YaY! I totally LoL'd imagining Tara hanging out the car window (PS- nice shirt ;)

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun, but that would definitely change if the right people weren't in your van.

    1. The rest of our van was horrified that Tara would yell out the window that everyone else looked like shit, too, thereby implying that I looked like shit.

      But I already knew I looked like shit and Tara totally knows that it would make me feel better to know I wasn't the only runner having a hard time on that leg of the race, lol!


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