Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend of Awesome

Wow, I almost forgot that I have a blog. I know y'all have been staying up at night wondering what happened to me, but life has been super crazy and busy. Plus, I've been seriously distracted by important things like Instagram and rekindling my love of Twitter. Priorities, I know. I think I'm going to set up a separate Twitter account for my blog and running stuff so I can keep that stuff separate from my fandom/random stuff on my current Twitter account. But not today. I'll probably think about doing that for weeks until I finally get around to getting it done.

I still have to recap my my Kiss Me I'm Irish run from last weekend, but first, I have to share my weekend of awesome from this weekend.

Seriously regretting not buying this for one of my
costumes for Dumbo Double Dare.

I found myself at Tucson Thrift Shop Saturday night where many shenanigans took place. And I sang the Thrift Shop song about a million times that evening.

But first things first. The reason I was in Tucson was to take Louie to his first rated horse show! I really hadn't planned on showing, I was just taking him to get some training done at a horse show environment. As luck would have it, there was a scratch on Sunday, so I made my horse show debut with only a few hours notice. And on Lou's birthday! Happy birthday, Lou!

Here are the highlights:

Lou all wrapped up and ready to get on the trailer.

Our show tent. Classing it up!

Beautiful sunset at the Pima County Fairgrounds

Lou and me after a successful maiden voyage.

Little Lou did great! He got a good score and came in second. I'm really excited because he made a few baby mistakes, but he's only going to get better. Woot!

A super tired baby after a long weekend.
Saturday night, we hit the town in Tucson for some dinner...and some wine. Now, mind you, we had several glasses while still at the horse show. Tucson is a college town (I actually went to college in Tucson. Go Wildcats!), and that means several very interesting shops.

First up was the Tucson Thrift Shop.

This group always means trouble. The Quattro Amigos
Lara, me, Kristy and Sarah

Possible scene from Criminal Minds. Creepy, right?
Me and Lara

This is your captain speaking...

Next up was a head shop. I haven't been to a head shop in like 10 years, at least. Let me tell you, the very adorable guy behind the counter knew his pipes and bongs. Now, mind you - and this was emphasized about 4 times - they DO NOT sell marijuana paraphernalia. They sell tobacco pipes. We may be older than the college crowd, but we're not stupid.

It's very freeing to be 36 years old and not give a shit about being cool anymore. I made that kid explain to us in great detail how all of the pipes and bongs worked. A twenty something Jaime would have hung around for hours flirting with that kid because he was A.) adorable and B.)strangely knowledgeable with excellent customer service skills. But then I felt vaguely like a cradle robber. Whatevs.

Those are horse pipes.
I should probably note that at no time were we using any of these "tobacco" pipes - for tobacco or for anything else. Drugs are bad. Don't do drugs. And stay in school. Mmm'kay?

So, yes, this was a great weekend. Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I got my Masters at the UofA! Crazy! I love thrift shop adventures. This blog post cracks me up. And, yes, you really should have bought that hat!

    1. Wow, small world! Yes, I'm a Wildcat! Woot!

  2. What's the thrift shop song? I heart twitter, too. . but still bummed about the divorce with instagram. It was perfect before that.

    Anyway- no worries, you'll find a better hat for your costume.

    1. I need to send you a link to that song. It's hilarious!

      Agreed about Instagram on twitter. Boo. I really do need a separate account for my blog because my main twitter account has way too much random stuff on it. That's why it's not really linked here.


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