Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So You Want To Run Ragnar, eh?

Considering how much I whined talked about Goofy, the fact that I'm doing Ragnar hasn't gotten much attention. My team of amazing ladies, a.k.a. Team Dessert, leaves at 3:00am Friday morning for Wickenburg, AZ for the start of Ragnar del Sol, a 202 mile relay race that ends in Tempe.

Preparation for races (in Jaime's world, anyway) typically consists of me going to work the day before, staying up all night scrambling to get things done, stuffing mostly dry clothes into my suitcase, and then flying out the door at 4:00 am to make some ungodly early flight.

Not this time, folks! I was smart and took tomorrow off. We're meeting tomorrow night to pack and decorate the vans, catch a few hours of sleep and then head out for Wickenberg at 3:00.

I'm sure I will have all sort of words of wisdom post Ragnar, but here's what I know so far:

1. I look awesome in a headlamp. Sort of coal miner meets the 70's.

Don't be jealous.

2. There's a lot of safety gear required. There's a lot of rules in general when running Ragnar. Like, a lot.

Okay, so I don't have any money. Moving on...
Any time you are out of the van after dark, you must wear a safety vest. If one of your legs is at night, you are required to wear a headlamp (or carry a flashlight), a super cool reflective vest thingy and a flashing light.

You'll be able to see me from space!
3. Lots of fuel is required. Especially if you are a ream member with fairly high mileage, like yours truly. Have I mentioned my 13.5 mile leg? Gulp.

I'm actually bringing more than this in case anyone forgets to bring enough fuel.
3. You should probably spend a small fortune at Whole Foods on healthy snacks. Seriously, this was like $50 worth of food.

Okay, yes, there's Sweet Tarts in there, too. Don't judge.
4. The people at Roadrunner Sports at Scottsdale 101 are awesome. They knew exactly what I needed because, apparently, many others waited until today to purchase their safety gear.

Note: You probably shouldn't wait until the last minute to get your safety gear. But in Jaime time, this is actually waaaaaay in advance, I mean the race doesn't even start for like 36 hours!

5. There's also something called the Ragnar Race Bible. I think you're supposed to read it before you leave...hmmm, I better get on that.

6. I'm SUPER UPSET that this sweatshirt is sold out. It's definitely the best one and I MUST HAVE IT. Ugh,what's a girl to do?

I want this to be mine. All mine.

Our team name is Run To The Desert? We Thought They Said Dessert! Or Team Dessert for short.

If anyone is just dying to follow what we're up to (or Ragnar del Sol happenings in general), here's a link to my Instagram page. Look for hash tags #TeamDessert, #Ragnar, #Ragnarrelay, #RagnarDS and #RagnarDelSol. I'm sure hash tags will be the same on Twitter.

Okay, I better get back to work. And by "work" I actually mean watching Modern Family.

Good night!

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  1. Please social media the crap out of this. I want to do one one day!

    No luck needed, but have fun! I'm super jelly of your award for the longest leg ever. You rock!


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