Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sport of Kings

Today I went to my first polo match! You'd think that since horses are essentially my life and I happen to live ten minutes from a horse show facility that also has a huge polo field, that I would have been to a polo game before.

West World of Scottsdale hosted the Scottsdale Polo Championships which consisted of 3 different matches. We purchased tail gating tickets and parked along one side of the field. I don't really know a lot about polo except that basically they hit the ball toward a goal.
Mostly, I just enjoyed the crazy weirdness that I saw, the fun people and beautiful horses. And the booze. There was lots and lots of booze....
This is me pretending to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, except,
ya know, for the prostitution part..
The horses get up close and personal...
The very cute boys parked next to us.
Mary and Katie
A random stray wandered in and drank with us for awhile..
More ponies
More me, because aren't all bloggers narcissistic?
Not sure about this outfit...
More pony action
We're responsible, right?
Kristy...digesting her booze.
We had so much fun today! I'm ready to do it again soon! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far!

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