Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NYC Craziness

Like everyone else running the NYC Marathon, I'm anxiously waiting to hear whether the race is going to happen.

Hurricane Sandy wreaked major havoc in New Jersey and New York with extensive infrastructure damage. Friends, family and clients have been asking me for two days if the race is going to happen, but we all know it will most likely come down to a last minute decision.

Of course, I would be extremely disappointed if the marathon was canceled, but this is beyond anyone's control.

I always find it fascinating when people start freaking out via Facebook or Twitter demanding unreasonable answers. Of course, NYRR can't answer whether or not the marathon is still on right this minute! There's several days ahead of us where major clean up and improvement can be made. It's not an ideal situation for anyone, but to demand a decision from NYC and NYRR immediately would force them into a situation where their only option is to cancel. Not to mention, it is beyond the NYRR's control whether La Guardia will reopen. Insisting that they post travel updates is absurd. It's the responsibility of the traveler to determine whether it is feasible to travel or not.

It is what it is, people. It sucks for everyone, myself included, but we all just have to hang in there and wait and see.

Don't get me wrong, I really want to go to NYC. I want to cross that finish line. We trained for months in ridiculous desert heat. I don't want to do that again next year. And really, I'm betting the race will happen. New York is one tough city, so my money is on being at the start line Sunday morning...even if that start line is moved to a new location.


  1. I've decided if it's canceled, I'm still running the course bc I will not train for another marathon ever again! Don't get me started on those people. The storm hadn't even hit and they were starting their shit. Really?!

    But, the major announced at his press conference that it will still be going on. Whether the airports will be open is another story. I hear LGA is under water.

    1. Luckily, I'm flying into JFK, so hopefully that won't be a problem. I seriously doubt they'll cancel it. There may be logistical changes, but I think it would still happen if alien ships hovered overhead Independence Day style and Will Smith was battling to prevent a hostile alien take over of our planet. Seriously.

      Yeah, if it's canceled, I ain't running. I'll be boozing it up in NYC somewhere. I've been tapering for like 2 months already, so... Yeah.

      Aren't you doing WDW marathon?

    2. I'm hoping for the best with JFK too. Thats where my sister and BFF are flying into. This is the event that pays for NYRR's brownstone on the Upper East Side. There is no way it's not happening.

      I'm still running it to say I have. . .that's about it. I am doing WDW, but I really wanted to know I CAN actually finish with a normal time before I start frolicking around WDW's course taking pictures and whatever. haha!

  2. It makes me sad that I already know what happened with this one.... :(


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