Friday, September 7, 2012

I Heart New York!

I received my charity invitation for the New York City Marathon!

I'm so excited now! I can't wait to see NYC in the fall. The few times I've been to the Big Apple, it's been in the summer, so I can't wait to see the fall colors in Central Park.

I'm assuming all of this training in the scorching heat will really pay off when we get to NYC in November. I don't even care about all of the drama associated with the baggage check debacle. Woot! I'm going to run NYC!

My friend, Amber, also enabled me to purchase new red Doc Martens for the occasion. I haven't purchased them yet, but I will. Oh, yes, I will. I'm so excited the Docs are back in style. Does that make me a grunge nerd? I don't care. I still want them.

Now I just need to look cute in skinny jeans to complete my ensemble. It won't be cold in Phoenix, yet, so I also need to find a cute coat. Maybe red to match?

Better go run some more! 10 mile group run in the morning. I'm ready!


  1. Love my Docs, but I will say, I don't think they're that awesome to sight see with in NYC. I suggest extra comfie shoes that don't weight 8 pounds each!

    Congrats on your invitation. Hope we can meet up!

    1. I know. Probably not the best idea before running a marathon. Or after it, really. I would love to meet you! And if NYC is too much of a mess, I think it would be fun to all meet up during WDW weekend. Lots of bloggers going. It would be fun to get together!


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