Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Being in Love (your brain at Disney)

First of all, you'd think Blogger would have come up with a better app by now. It doesn't matter if you are using the iPad, iPhone, or Android, the app blows. I suppose it's better than nothing, but it's not great. I really wish I could control the placement of photos and add captions, but *siiiiiigh*, such things are not to be. I could have dragged my laptop on this trip, like any real blogger would do, but A.) I'm lazy and B.) I don't know if posting pictures of medals and my horse counts as really blogging.... (I would insert a smart assy ecard here or something, BUT I CAN'T because I can't put pictures where I want them, nor can I use italics, so I went with ALL CAPS.)

Annnnnyway... The parks don't open until 10 this morning, so I'm bored out of my mind while the rest of my family is snoozing away. I regularly get up at 5, so sleeping until 6:30 feels late.

I don't know how I survived pre-smart phone. I used to have to carry books to entertain myself. Sheesh.

Where was I going with my rambles about nothing? Ah yes, being in love, otherwise known as being Disneyfied.

Seriously, there's something about being at a Disney park that makes me feel all ooey and gooey about wanting to be in love. Now I'm not typically an ooey gooey type of person. But Disney will do that to you.

And Pinterest. Effing Pinterest will make make you feel like the biggest loser ever with all of its cutesy engagement and wedding photos. Damn you, Pinterest, for making me want a country chic barn wedding after I decided that eloping to Vegas was perfectly acceptable!

Despite how this post sounds, I'm actually not a bitter single lady. Really, I'm not. But put me in the midst of all of the hand holding and smooching that happens at Disneyland and I get all wistful and wishing I was one of those people.

And yeah, when I do fall, I get all ooey and gooey, just like everyone else. In fact, maybe I'm worse. I become one of those people I would like to smack. I'm obnoxious when I'm in love, but it's fun. And I think I'm ready to try again, because Pinterest and Disney have convinced me that love conquers all!! (Nevermind, the possible heartbreak. We don't pay attention to those things here at Disney!)

If you're not on Pinterest, stay away. Far, far away. It will suck up HOURS of your life. And make you start planning country weddings you never wanted until you saw it pinned. You've been warned.


  1. Oh great - so now that I'm one of those obnoxiously happy engaged girls do I need to get on pinterest?? And Vegas was my plan for a wedding location. Do I need to rethink barns?? Now I'm freaking out!!! ;)

    1. Ha! You have not discovered the awesomeness that is Pinterest?! You better check it out! But I'm warning you: it will suck up every second of free time you have the first week you are on. And for some reason, it's way easier to surf Pinterest from your phone than the actual web.

      Lots of great ideas on there, but I still think Vegas is the way I would do it. Or I would elope to Europe or some island so I can avoid wedding planning. I'm way too lazy to plan out a wedding. Or hey! Why not tie it in with the Goofy Challenge! Lots of bling and awesome memories all at one time!

    2. Tehcnically I'm on Pinterest, I just RARELY use it. But now that I decided I might have to be the girl with the binder for wedding planning, maybe I need to get on there more!

      I'm with you - Vegas is the way to go. Although I've had 2.5 votes for a wedding during Goofy. I almost got engaged during Goofy, actually, but he couldn't wait that long!

    3. Who gets the half a vote? ;) goofy is an excellent time to get engaged, but super cute that he couldn't wait.

    4. My mom was the half. Half because she suggested that, a winery, a country club, a freaking football game?? She's lost her mind!!!


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