Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Crazy- Part 1

So, you know what? This girl went running TWICE this weekend! I know, I'm as shocked as you.

And like any good athlete, I spent Friday hydrating. And by hydrating, I mean I drank wine. To-may-to, to-mah-to. Lou wanted in on the action.

Red Solo cup, you lift me up!
You know I can't resist the opportunity to share Lou's adorableness with you.

The next morning, I had plans to get up bright and early to go for a run. You see, I have new victims. And I have convinced said victims that their lives can not be complete unless they do the Tinkerbell Half Marathon next year. I know, I'm cruel, but let me tell you, for at least one of them (and she knows who she is) it was not hard to twist her arm.

So I have some newbie future half marathoners to whip into shape in one year. Too bad I'm such an utter slacker because, damn. They're pretty much on their own.

So my plan was to get to Reach 11 (a desert-y recreation area that appears to be in the middle of the desert, but has 2 freeways running through it, a sports complex on one end and a horse show park on the other. In between all of that is this thing called "nature". Whatever that is.) and get 4 to 5 miles in before Kimberlee and Tabatha arrived for something much more leisurely. Of course, I only arrived about 15 minutes early, so I ran one real mile on my own at a faster pace than is normal for moi.

Look! Nature.
Tabatha originally planned on bringing her man to come along, but he decided not to hang out with "the vagina monologues" (his words, not mine, but funny none the less) so she brought her trusty pup, Atlas.

Handsome, isn't he?

Our run turned into a 4 mile walk. But it's something, right? That still counts as 5 miles for me on Saturday. And I did run one of those miles, so I'm counting it as a run. And of course we then had to go for breakfast, because I need to replace any burned calories with a surplus of new ones. It's how I roll. I also got my horoscope (or as I like to call it, horror-scope) from the restaurant's little news letter.

What, I shouldn't expect everyone to be mind reader? Psshh

Saturday night, we celebrated my dear friend, Ari's birthday! We went to Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails, which was delicious.

I had these gourmet tator tots and the risotto. I'm fairly certain none of that was gluten free, so my stomach is a little upset today, but it was delicious, regardless.

So delicious.

I also went back into hydrating mode since I planned to run Sunday. And what better to hydrate with than a Riesling called Gotham Project?

This stuff is so good.

Me, Tara, and Grae

Ari and me
And since I'm a narcissistic blogger, here is a gratuitous self portrait that I felt I needed to include just so that's there's photographic evidence that I wear things other than jeans, breeches and running clothes. Although, this isn't too far from that, but for me, it's dressed up.

I should lose more lbs before taking pics of
 myself wearing skinny jeans.

Nicole made Ari a spectacular cake, but the staff at Blue Hound wouldn't let us bring it in. Something about health codes, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I couldn't eat any of it because it was chock full of gluten, but it looked amazing and the frosting was made with Nutella, so how could it not be? We continued our little party outside in the courtyard. Luckily, it was pretty warm for a February night.

There was also some singing and dancing...and maybe a kick line.
Now I am off to ride Lou and take care of ponies. But don't worry, I will be back to share my riveting Sunday work out with Tara later.


  1. I signed up for an email reminder to sign up for Tinkerbell. I'll have 6 months after the baby is born to prepare... I can do it! :)

    1. Yay! Then I'll get to finally meet you!!

    2. :) Yeah! That would be awesome!


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