Saturday, February 9, 2013

Odds And Ends

If someone that you barely know posts this picture on your Facebook wall because it makes them think of you, chances are you are tagged in one too many pictures drinking wine.

Do you think I could get away with this at work?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my wine consumption this week has been a little high. But a girl has to have her hobbies, right?

Besides wine drinking, I've been out pretty much every night this week. So my calorie consumption has also been...rather high.

Ah-So Japanese restaurant.
So delicious!
Girls night out!

And, of course, we had happy hour at the barn last night, so on my lunch break at work, I ran to BevMo to pick up wine and saw these little gems at the check out counter. Looks like GU packets, right?

For the serious alcoholic.

This might have made Goofy Challenge less painful.
These days my alcohol consumption is pretty much limited to wine, so I was not even a little bit tempted to acquire some of these. But I still needed to get a picture of them.

I did get up and meet my newbie half-marathon-in-training buddies for 5 miles out in the desert. There was a lot of walking, but 5 miles is 5 miles, so I'm okay with that. It's highly possible I would have stayed in bed this morning if I didn't have plans to meet them. I may go out for a second run tonight and do a little speed work.

On a side note, I've had this killer muscle spasm behind my left shoulder blade and it then radiates up to my neck. Strangely, I've also had some serious strain in my right glute. I used the roller stick thingy on my glute and somehow it helped relieve the spasm in my back. Weird, right?

So yeah, my right ass cheek is somehow tied to the muscle spasm in my left shoulder. It's crazy how the human body works, isn't it?


  1. Always great when friends force us to make a run :)

    1. Yes, it is, especially since I'm really good at talking myself out of running if I'm not meeting anyone! ;)

  2. That first picture is hilarious. I'm not sure wine is any worse than whatever sugary syrups Starbucks adds to their concoctions.

    1. I think it's healthier...and better for my sanity. And cheaper! I think ounce for ounce, wine is cheaper than Starbucks (especially if you buy cheap wine like me). Therefore, wine is clearly the better option. ;)

      That's what I'm telling myself, anyway!

  3. "for the serious alcoholic" LOL
    I have a tight right glute from spraining my left ankle *a year ago*. Trust the body to come up with some nutty shit all the time!
    I used to get bad neck and shoulder spasms tho that went away after I stopped sleeping on a pillow.

    1. I'm actually stretching now and everything to try and alleviate the muscle spasms. Totally sucks.


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