Saturday, November 10, 2012

Phoenix Zoo Lymphomathon 5K Walk

Awhile ago, I wrote about my coworker and friend, Theresa's, battle with lymphoma. Well, I'm happy to say that Theresa's lymphoma is in remission!! I few weeks ago she had her last chemo treatment and the tumors are gone. She still needs to get check ups and preventative treatments for the next few years, but things look good right now!

Today, our company walked as a team for the Lymphomathon at the Phoenix Zoo. It was a 5K and not really a race at all, but I decided to recap it anyway because there are adorable zoo animals involved.

I got up ridiculously early to pick up my friend, Tabatha, and still have enough time to go to her beloved Starbucks. We have our priorities.

Looking half asleep as usual.

After loading up on Mint Mochas, we headed to the Phoenix Zoo. Or tried to, anyway. My iPhone GPS kept routing us back to Starbucks. Not sure what cosmic forces were behind that, but eventually, we met up with Team Milburn for the Lymphomathon Walk.

Team Milburn

The walk was slightly disorganized, but we had a blast. The route was actually through the zoo, so we were able to look at the animals before the zoo was actually open.

I think this guy moves faster than I do

I'm not sure how his back got all wet.

I heart giraffes

This tiger was so playful, romping around.

We somehow ended up off course, but took advantage of some photo ops...

Me and Tabatha

Me and Frogger

Me, Jay and Tabatha

Sarah and me

Most of our group left after the 5K was over, but if you did the walk, you got an all day pass to the zoo, so I hung out for while with Sarah, her two sons, and a coworkers son. We looked like a nice lesbian couple with our adopted brood.

Looks like a family photo, right?

Jambo the giraffe, Jambo means hello in Swahili.

I have to say that the Phoenix Zoo kind of blows. Sarah told me all about the Wild Animal Park outside of Phoenix that she says is much, much better. I'm going to have to check it out. All in all, it was a fun day and I'm glad that we did this.

The highlight of my day: feeding Jambo


  1. The Wildlife Zoo is amazing and they just opened another aquarium building. My family has yearly passes. You definitely need to check it out!

    1. I will have to check that out. I've heard great things about it! :D

  2. Dude!! (Yes, I just said "dude") What a freaking fun way to have a 5K race for a good cause!! I'd totally have stayed for a zoo day, too!

    1. It was definitely a fun way to spend time with my coworkers. It was definitely a walk, though, and not at all designed to be run as a 5k. Still fun, even if the Phoenix Zoo sorta sucks. ;)

  3. I love the Zoo 5Ks! Granted, I've never done one, but I did do The Aquarium one in Coney Island last year. It just takes so long to get to and only fun if you have people to run with. Glad it was a relaxing and fun Saturday!

    1. An aquarium run sounds awesome! I saw something on the news about an aquarium having a lot of damage from Sandy, but I don't know if it was the Coney Island one. :(


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