Friday, August 3, 2012

Trust No One, Scully

Tomorrow, Tara and I are embarking on our great alien adventure in Rachel, NV.

Whole lotta nothin' out here!
 Calico Racing puts on a race every summer called the ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon featuring a 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon and an Ultra 51K run. It starts at the black mailbox, which any good alien enthusiast knows is an important element of this little adventure. (Of course, I don't actually know why it is important, but I'm hip enough to know that it's significant. And also, it's no longer black. Now it's white.)

Meeting place for alien enthusiasts for decades!
I've done 14 half marathons now (I think) and there's a lot about this race that is outside of my comfort zone. First of all, the start of the half marathon is at a 4800ft elevation and peaks at about 5600ft. It's in the middle of the night and the first half is steadily uphill. We have to wear head lamps  and reflective clothing and it's possible we'll run into a rattle snake.

And aliens. This race takes place on the Extraterrestrial Highway outside of Rachel, NV and runs along the famous Area 51. Okay, I will admit it. I've always loved this kind of stuff. I was the hugest X-Files nerd you can imagine, so this race is going to be an awesome adventure.

I miss them! I think this was my
all time favorite show.
 I don't want anyone to be alarmed by the possibility that I may be experiencing an alien abduction this weekend. Hopefully, when they bring me back, it will be at the finish line and I will still get a medal.

Be ready for an awesome race update when I get back. This one is bound to be a one of a kind adventure.

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  1. Dude!!
    I'm not even going to peek ahead at the race report until I can really sit and read it. This sounds CRAZY!!!
    I had no idea a black mailbox was important. Intriguing!


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