Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Summer Sunday When You Went Insane..

Was anyone else a fan of Cowboy Mouth? The title of this post is borrowed from lyrics in their song Jenny Says which I listened to nonstop in 1996...and maybe 1997. I even went to their concert which I remember as being awesome. But I wasn't even 21 then, so what did I know?

Anyway, it was 112 here today and my brain is fried, so the title seems appropriate. This post is all sorts of random. Don't say that I didn't warn you.

First, how cute is this pony?

I'm developing an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest. Seriously. Once I start, I'm sucked in for what seems like hours. Strangely, I do not like the web based version, but the app version rocks on my phone. I need to do a separate post just about the awesome things I've found, particularly places around the globe that I want to visit and some that I didn't even know existed. Like this amazingness:

Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Greece
I need to see this in my lifetime. And what about this?

Innsbruck, Austria at Christmastime
Not to mention the things that appeal to my sense of humor.

Oh Julie, you read my mind!
I considered going running this evening, but it's a dark and still 109, so um, screw that.

It's sad that 97 at the end of the week
will actually feel good.
Run Disney posted a picture of the Disneyland Half Marathon Medal on their facebook page and holy cow, the amount of whining was really annoying. Yes, it's the same design as last year. That's how Disney does their races. They use the same design for 4 years, have a special aniversary medal for the 5th year, use a new design for the next 4 years, have a special anniversary medal for the 10th year and so on. Sometimes I wonder if Disney regrets setting up a facebook page with the constant complaining I see on there.

I still like it.

On a more serious note, and hey this is TMI, but isn't that what blogs are for? I've been struggling a lot with my anxiety. I really, really do not want to be on medication, although sometimes it seems serious enough to warrant the risk. A dear friend of mine talked me off of the ledge today (thank you, D.) but it got me researching natural remedies and magnesium supplementation came up multiple times.

 I dragged my heat stroke suffering ass out this evening to Whole Foods to pick up some magnesium. And delicious sushi. They have a really good sushi counter there. I would have taken a picture, but I snarfed it down before I thought about it. Oops.

Hee hee

I'm willing to try a little magnesium to see if it works. Strangely, it's also given to performance horses to help relax them and ease tight muscles, so it might just help me.

And right now, I watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics. The opening ceremony felt like a trip down Schizophrenia Lane and the closing isn't much better. I'm sad that the Olympics are over. I watched a lot more of the events than I usually do. Congratulations to all of the athletes.

That's all for me, folks. Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. AMEN about the FB complaining! I don't get it, I swear people just want to hear themselves be miserable. lol

    1. Yes! Not to mention the same questions getting asked over and over and over... makes me want to pull my hair out. I've written multiple responses that I always end up not posting because I know it will make me look bitchy. ;)

  2. You'll have to let me know how the magnesium works out. I could use something to tame my crazy. If you ever just need to chat with someone who gets the whole anxiety thing, we should open a bottle of wine some day ;)

    1. Ha! I love it - "tame my crazy". That's totally me!

      I keep forgetting to take it, so I can't give you an update, yet. But I will let you know.

      Wine seems to be helping for now. ;)

  3. Yes, I know Cowboy Mouth. . . I'm originally from NOLA and everyone loves them. . like ad nauseum. But thanks for reminding me, I haven't thought of that song in forever!

    I'm trying to get into Pintrest, I don't know what my problem is. It's too complex for me.

    Don't get me started on runDisney runners. I feel the same way. But with that being said, with all this damn hulabaloo, that 20th better blow my socks off.

    Please let me know how the magnesium works. . I'm really bad about my medication and it would be nice to have an alternate.

    1. I'm not sure if I love the 20th medal or not, but I do like that it's really different from any of the other rD medals. The negativity on the fb page is really obnoxious. I have to try really hard not to go off on some people.

      I've been bad about taking magnesium- I keep forgetting. But I need to make a better effort just to see...

    2. It's like people have never heard of what to do for a race. Luckily, I had friends who kind of told me how rD works and the rest I either read about on blogs or experienced for myself. I bet 99% of them have terrible runners etiquette.

  4. I LOVE the Disneyland half medal. I'm so glad I got it last year, because I am a fan - and frankly I probably won't do that race again. The race was a blast - but the course? Boring and so .... California. (Ssh, don't tell California I said that.)

    I laughed so hard at the Sound of Music thing. Freaking awesome!

    1. You might like the Tinkerbell Half better. The course spends more time through the parks. I know a lot of people like WDW races better, but I love the Disneyland race. Maybe it's because it was my very first half marathon...also CA is a lot closer to AZ. ;)

      Sometimes the "highway" portions of the WDW races get really boring to me. I'll take either place for a race, though. I love Disney races.


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