Monday, August 6, 2012

Running Area 51 - Things I Learned

Race Recap coming soon....but here are a few things I learned running at Area 51.

1. If you are ever given the chance to run at Area 51, you should do it. It's different than any other race you'll ever do.

2. Never, ever stay at the Hard Rock Hotel if you have any hope of sleeping.

3. Eating mass quantities of Mexican food 4 hours before a race is a really bad idea.

4. At some point, you're going to think you're seeing a UFO.

5. You can see lots of shooting stars in the middle of the Nevada desert.

6. Your Garmin may spontaneously freeze up and stop working due to alien interference. (It could also be because you locked the touch bezel by accident, but I'm thinking aliens are responsible.)

7. If you start feeling horribly sick at mile 6, you should complain non-stop to your running partner, because they will be sure to enjoy it. I know Tara did.

8. Your iPhone will suddenly start taking horrible night time pictures. Again, I'm assuming alien interference here.

9. If your finish time is the slowest you've ever gotten, alien abduction is your only possible explanation.

10. At some point - probably during your 6 mile constant uphill climb - you'll actually be wishing for a UFO to beam you up.

11. The 51K ultra marathoners are not f***ing around. And they WILL pass you, even though they started 6 miles behind you.

12. This entire race experience is incredibly grueling.

13. If you are exhausted from being up all night and can't stay awake on the way home, remember that your bus driver has been up all night, too...

14. The black mailbox is actually white.

15. You will be able to see the finish line at least 2 miles out, which will some how keep moving farther and farther away as you run toward it...

Fellow runner...or is it?


  1. My garmin messed up during the run also....alien coincidence or crappy Garmin 405 be the judge.

    BTW, I did my prelim race report as a video posted on facebook at:

    Feel free to use any photos you want.

    1. I'm fairly certain it was alien related... I will check out your link, thanks!

  2. ROFL #7 I certainly did enjoy it!! I couldn't tell if my cheer made things better or worse, but I was too relieved not to feel hot and miserable that I couldn't contain it! Ahhh I love this; I didn't go out of my way to say enough alien-y things in my recap :)

    1. I really wish we had a more alienesque adventure, but it was still an experience.

  3. This terrifies me and totally intrigues me. Like if I lived closer I would totally want to do this!

    I cannot wait to read that report!!!!!

    1. It's a one of a kind type of race. You could always tie it into a Vegas trip since the buses leave from the Hard Rock. You're used to running hills, so it may not be as tough for you. In Phoenix, you're either running on flat, flat, flat terrain or you are hiking a mountain, there's not a lot in between.

      I enjoyed the experience and the organization was perfection. The woman that does this even knows her stuff. I think it would have been a lot more fun for me if I had gotten some more sleep. If you ever do this race DO NOT stay at the Hard Rock!!


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