Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to ruin your day...

It always seems like the most drama occurs in my world right before I'm about to go out of town. Maybe I bring it on myself by overly worrying about things or by being stressed out. Regardless, this trip was no different than any other.

I'm leaving for Cancun, Mexico in the morning for a work trip to a gorgeous resort that involves no actual work. Awesome, right?

                                                  I love my job.                                     (source)

This morning, I went to the barn and rode before work and then went off to work like I normally do. My eyes started to get irritated in the morning and got steadily worse until after lunch when my vision started to get more and more blurry.

I took out my contacts, thinking my lenses were just dirty or something and my vision was still blurry. I rarely have contact trouble, so I didn't have my glasses with me and therefore, had to put my contacts back in because I'm legally blind without some sort of corrective lenses. After stressing and worrying for awhile, I decided to see if I could get in to see the eye doctor in case it was something serious before I left for Mexico.

By the time I got to the eye clinic, my vision was so bad that I could barely see. I had called my mom and asked her to go to my house and get my glasses. I really got scared when I took my contacts out, put on my glasses and I couldn't read a text message on my phone.


The tech tested my vision and even with my glasses on, I couldn't read the biggest letters on the chart with either eye. As I waited and waited for the doctor to finally come in, I got more and more scared, not just that I might not be able to go to Mexico, but that there was something really serious wrong with me ( ya know, like a BRAIN TUMOR).


Anyway, it turns out that both of my corneas have tons of micro scratches, and my left eye is way worse than my right. I have to put drops in every hour, but they are already starting to feel better and the vision in my right eye is almost back to normal. My left eye is much improved, but still a little blurry.

I have no idea how this happened. My eyes were fine when I left the house this morning. Anyway, here's an awesome picture of me wearing my glasses with the special shades they give you when you get your eyes dilated. Cute, huh?

Don't be jealous of my style...
So yeah, bummer. I can still go to Mexico (although this eye doctor was such an alarmist trying to freak me out about it getting worse and me having to go to a doctor in Mexico...) but I can't wear my contacts or make-up and I can't go swimming.

I do get to go to Chichen Itza, one of the most famous of the Mayan ruins. I can't wait. There will be lots of pictures when I get home. But right now, I need to rest my eyes, they are starting to burn again.

Also, it appears my spell check is not working... sorry if there are errors, it is what it is tonight.

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