Saturday, June 16, 2012

Disney Cars Land 5K Medal and the MATTERHORN!

The medal design for the Cars Land 5K was just announced on the runDisney Facebook page. How freaking cute is this?

With all of the runDisney events I've done, I haven't tried any of the 5Ks. Usually, I just focus on the half marathon race. Even though I love, love, love Disney races, I've heard that the 5Ks are a mess. They aren't timed, there are no corrals, there are strollers everywhere and it's a total cluster f***.

This year, though, my mom and sister are coming along for a little family vacay over the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. I figured they could join in on the fun on Saturday and all three of us could do the 5K and then I would do the Half on Sunday.

                                    Cars Land just opened yesterday!                        (source)

They haven't posted the 5K course, yet, so I'm excited to see if we run through Cars Land. The half marathon course looks the same as last year, although, I'm assuming the California Adventure portion will be a little different. The course map is a little vague.

                                          V8 Cafe in Cars Land                                (source)
I'm really excited to see all of the new stuff. Also, the Matterhorn has been completely refurbished. I haven't ridden it in years because even though it was one of my favorite rides, it was getting so run down that I always felt like I needed to go to a chiropractor after the ride was over. I can't wait to ride it again after many years of skipping it.

       New bob sleds. This is a much better design than the old!          (source)

                                            New Matterhorn Track                         (source)
When the "snow" was reapplied to the surface of the mountain, glass beads were added to make it sparkle like real snow.

                                                  Aww, pretty!                                  (source)

I can not wait to go. It seems like every year that I am older, I love Disney parks more and more. I get a lot of crap for how often I wind up at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. I used to only go to Disneyland once a year at the MOST, sometimes less than that. But now that I've discovered how awesome their runs are, I plan on doing at least 1 or 2 of them a year for the next few years to come. I still haven't done Wine & Dine, but it seems like we're adding that to the calendar for 2013. Woot!

With all of this excitement, I should be training harder than ever. Last night I drove to the gym and had actually pulled into the parking lot when I got a text saying that we were having happy hour at the barn. Of course, I immediately headed to the barn! We now have a tent with misters in our arena for drinking. Well, it's actually so that my trainer can have shade in the brutal sun all summer, but whatevs.

Photo: Happy hour under the arena tent with the new misters!
View from inside the arena "bar"

And for the record: this is the best invention ever. 100 calorie packets of gaucamole. Store bought guac is always a gamble, but this stuff is really good.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. Watching Cars on ABC as I read this :)

    Nice medal! Still upset I couldn't register on time. Have fun! I wouldn't worry about the 5k. Yes, they are a mess but as long as you know that and go into it just to have fun, it will be ok.

    1. Were you planning on doing the half and it filled up? The half will be my 3 year anniversary of running half marathons, ao I'm shooting for a PR. Maybe I'll just use the 5K to get some fun pictures.

      Thanks for the advice, I will just let it be a fun run. :)

    2. I was and it did. I really wanted my C2C, but there's always next year.

      3 years? Congrats!! Take lots of pictures and post!

      We did the 5k before the WDW half/marathon and we just walked it and it wasn't that bad.

    3. I'm totally addicted to runDisney events! If you are going to do Tink for your C2C, it's filling up fast. Otherwise, see ya at the Disneyland Half in 2013! I'm sure I will be there! :)

  2. I had some of that guac with lunch today. Nothing will beat fresh, but this is good enough for a fix :)

    1. I've been eating so much of it, I may actually be a little sick of it! I've been eating it with buffalo chicken slices. OMG, so good.


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