Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dude! I cooked something!

I'm not what you would call 'domestic'. Not even a little bit. I once had a friend tell me that I really needed to be a good cook if I wanted to find a husband. (I'm not even kidding that she said that and she's a prosecutor, for crying out loud!)


Anyway, it's not that I can't cook, it's that I choose not to. Besides, I think the fact that I would rather see movies where things blow up than girl movies makes me an ideal girlfriend and not my housewifely abilities, but whatever.

Cooking and Cleaning...Me?

Anyway, I made a gluten free pizza casserole.  It's also fairly low carb. Now, I'm not a celiac but gluten sensitive, so I can't guarantee that there's no gluten at all in the ingredients I chose, but there's very little if you are sensitive and if you are celiac, well, there's definitely certified gluten free options for all of the ingredients I used.

Okay, this is super easy and super delicious.

First, I browned a package of extra lean turkey meat with some oregano and garlic. I'm sure fresh garlic would be better, but all I had was dried.

Try not to notice how dirty my stove got. I'm not an expert!

You can also use ground beef, but I'm bringing this for lunch tomorrow for me and my work BFF, Tiana, and she likes turkey better. Plus, it's a lot less calories. (Although, I make up for that with my other ingredients!)

Only gourmet ingredients for mah
masterpiece, thank you very much!
Once the turkey is browned I added most of this jar to the frying pan and let it simmer on really low heat for a few minutes while I cut up the vegetables.

I ate an embarrassing amount of this while it was cooking.

And by 'vegetables', I mean two: an onion and a green pepper. Yes, that is a tiny cutting board. It used to be much bigger until I broke it.

I also don't own proper chopping knives...
I considered just dumping the veggies into the casserole without sauteing them first, but I thought maybe that would make the casserole watery, so I popped them on the stove with a little garlic.

Next I put the turkey and veggies in a small baking dish.

The veggies taste much better browned.
Then I added a layer of pepperoni.

And then a layer of mozzarella cheese.

And then another layer of pepperoni.

I said low carb, not low cal...
Top it with a sprinkle of oregano and bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes and voila! A masterpiece is created.

Okay, so this recipe doesn't yield a lot of actual food, but the ingredients are very filling. You can really use anything that you like on your pizza. The pepperoni adds a lot of flavor and while it looks really bad for you, 10 slices of that pepperoni is 130 calories and I used a total of 16 slices for the entire thing.

So that's my once in a blue moon contribution to the cooking world. Maybe I will try something else. But don't hold your breath. Oh, I almost forgot! I also ran on treadmill for almost an hour tonight. Woot!


  1. OMG I can't wait to try this! It looks super yummy. Good job Jaime! Two thumbs up doll! (:

    1. Thank you! It is pretty yummy! Now if I can just remember to actually bring it to the office tomorrow... ;)


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