Sunday, April 29, 2012

X is for...

I had to go with X-Files when I was image searching the letter X and I found this particular X.

I was the biggest X-Files nerd you can imagine. I started watching at the beginning of the second season and watched it all the way until probably the 7th or 8th season, when it got completely ridiculous...and I think it's possible that Mulder had died and come back to life several times at this point.

X-files was the first show I was obsessed with. The Internet was just getting really popular at that point and I discovered X-Files news groups. I spent hours in awe of all of these strangers getting together and discussing my favorite show. I even discovered fan fiction. (I might have even written some, but it's so horrible, I won't outright admit it.)

Man, did I love everything about the Mulder and Scully dynamic.


                                                Love them!                                (source)

Yeah, T and I pretending to work for the FBI in 1998 while on a choir trip.

So letter X is a tribute to the very first show that had me hooked. I miss you, X-Files.

And since I found the pic of T and me in Washington, DC, here's another amazing shot I took with a crappy camera from the airplane when we left for home. I don't think it's possible to take pics like this these days because I don't think most airlines can fly this close to the Pentagon anymore.

Forgive the crappy quality, we didn't have digital back then!
Hope you've all enjoyed my nerdy side. Only TWO LETTERS TO GO!

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