Monday, April 9, 2012

E is for Easter

E is for Easter.

My family is not at all religious. In fact, my mom is Catholic and my dad is Jewish, so my sister and I were raised without a lot of traditional religion.

Holidays are for family and friends to get together, so we had dinner at my sister's house. I wish I had taken pictures of the amazing fillet she cooked, but I was too busy scarfing candy out of my Easter basket to remember to take any pictures of dinner. Trust me, though, when I say it was amazing. And there were plenty of left overs, so I have lunch ready for tomorrow. Yum.

How cute is this cake my sister made?
My sister is the baker in the family for sure. I brought a pre-made veggie tray. My sis loves to bake cakes. She's made some cute cakes over the years, like the one above.

I also got an Easter basket. You are never too old to get a basket full of candy, right?

Bam even got a little baggie of goodies...

I hope everyone had a happy holiday this weekend.

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